Friday, May 31, 2013

ACLJ sues IRS on behalf of Greater Phoenix Tea Party

Approximately May 10, 2013, the IRS came forward to admit they had been specifically targeting Tea Party and Conservative organizations (note to media: NOT liberal organizations) which applied for tax exempt status.  Despite their apology and their assurance that such activites have ceased, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party remains an organization whose 501c4 application has not been approved (or denied). 
Our organization is represented by the American Center for Law and Justice.  Today in Federal Court, the ACLJ filed suit against the United States (Eric Holder), the IRS, Secretary of the Treasury (Jacob Lew), Deputy Commissioner IRS (Steven Miller), Director of Exempt Organization IRS (Lois Lerner), and other named and yet to be named defendants in their official and individual capacities on behalf of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party and several similar organizations across the country.  The ACLJ made the determination of complaints that should be made and we agreed with their choices--there are three elements to the complaint (summation not actual text of complaint follows):
1) Declaratory judgement sought that the defendants unlawfully delayed applications by means of unconstitutional criteria in violation of the Plantiff's First and Fifth Amendment Rights   
2) Compensatory and punitive damages
3) Permanent injuctive relief from discriminatory or retalitory action against the Plaintiffs pertaining to past and future actions by the agency.
We will post the entire text of the complaint shortly.
It should take no special courage to go to court and demand accountability from the IRS; they are public servants--they work for us. Yet nearly all Americans have become terrified of the agency and the threat of a potential audit by which they could have their property seized and face fines and prison time if their documentation isn't just right.  Ironically, the head of the IRS testified before Congress saying that their agency was sloppily run--we their employers are not currently afforded such excuses when facing an IRS review.
Unfortunately, the bureaucratic system that was allowed to develop in this country over the years has insulated such organizations from citizen oversight.  The agency has been used as a political weapon by FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, and others.  It was used by Richard Nixon to target those on his political enemies list and it lead to his impeachment.  Therefore, the present actions against the IRS must go further than just a law suit regarding their discriminatory practices--citizens must come forward while the light is shining on the agency and demand oversight, reform, and even abolishment of the entire system.  We must also follow the trail up the ladder to find out from where in this Administration the activity was initiated--appropriate justice must then be dispensed.  Call and write your Congressmen--visit them in their offices.  This issue cannot be allowed to be forgotten.
Our fellow citizens must wake up and recall that the US Constitution restrains government--not citizens.  Man is only free so long as government is limited.
A dozen more groups may join the suit

Obama's brother got Non-profit status in just 34 days

ACLJ official statement


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mary Scott appointed to Town Council

    After reconvening from a lunch break, by majority vote the Common Council appointed former County Supervisor and former Town Magistrate Judge Mary Scott to the council seat vacated by Patricia Anderson.

   Councilman Orgeron made the motion to approve Scott, Councilwoman Workman seconded. Mayor Foster called for a roll call vote, which was 4 to 2 in favor and the motion passed. Only Councilwoman Crooks and Vice Mayor Jewitt were opposed.

    Mary Scott owns Cactus Curlers Salon and has been a Quartzsite resident since 1971. During her public interview for the vacancy, Scott told the Council, "I believe you need me up there."

    In other Council business, it was approved to apply to use the CDBG Grant to rework the Kofa Well instead of building an animal shelter. The project is expected to cost more than $100,000 over the amount of the grant. The money has already been budgeted to come out of the water and sewer fund for next year.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suspect sought in Parker homicide

UPDATE: At 8:15 PM Officer Shrewsbury and Officer Romo Arrested Jonathan Randall Story at his residence. He was booked into the CRIT jail and is awaiting the FBI to conduct an interview.

Parker Police Department
1314 11th Street Parker, Arizona
(928) 669-2265

Search for Homicide Suspect

On May 25, 2013 at approximately 4:10 this morning Parker Police officers responded to a call for a person who had been stabbed. The Officers arrived at the residence in the 1100 block of Palo Verde and found the victim lying on the ground outside of the front door of the residence. Medical personnel transported the victim to the La Pas Regional Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

According to witnesses the suspect is Jonathan Randall Story (white male, 22 years of age, height 5’6, 130 lbs., red hair, and brown eyes) argued with the victim before stabbing him. The suspect immediately fled the area.

 If anyone knows the location or comes into contact with the suspect please immediately call the Parker Police Department (928) 669-2265 or dial 911.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sheriff Drum fires back at Chief Mendoza

“I feel I need to clear up a few facts in regards to Chief Mendoza’s recent article about the Task Force that were simply not true.
The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office has been the “Host” of the La Paz County Task Force since its inception in the late 80’s. The Sheriff’s Office is also considered the “Host Agency” when it comes to the HIDTA and ACJC grants.
I cannot help the fact that the previous Sheriff’s Office administration did not have detectives in the unit but we are committed to building it back up. As soon as I took office, I placed a Lieutenant in the Unit. Now that we are building up our staff, I am in the process of adding three more detectives. The fact that Parker Police was allowed to take over in July of 2010 is not my concern or responsibility.
I would like to point out that Chief Mendoza talks about his recent 8 month County wide investigation that netted 10 arrests. I did not overlook the fact that all of these arrests/investigations were in the Parker area. I did not see any investigations from the outlying areas (Quartzsite, Ehrenberg, Salome, etc). Once the Sheriff’s Office takes command, we will balance out our efforts by equally distributing our investigations throughout the entire County.
I would also like to address the fact that if Chief Mendoza truly wants to provide equal investigative efforts to everyone and he wants to “continue to combat drugs that plague our County” then why would he lock the Sheriff’s Office out of the building and illegally take all of the surveillance equipment? He has basically eliminated the Sheriff’s Office from conducting narcotic related investigations over a budgetary issue.
Finally I would like to address the issue of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and H.I.D.T.A. Administrators. I spoke with each every one of these officials on May 22nd, and I can assure you they did not express their support in favor of the Parker Police Department removing equipment, vehicles and money from the Task Force. I will not make a statement on their behalf for I have been assured they will handle this issue properly. Also, for Chief Mendoza to insinuate that he had talked with Border Patrol and they have agreed to become part of the Task Force is simply not true. The Sheriff’s Office has already established a great working relationship with Border Patrol the Parker Police Department was not a part of it.
In closing, I would like to express my regret that we are involved in this issue. I would like nothing more than to sign the I.G.A. and begin working with all of the Agencies. Unfortunately I could not read some of his statements and not feel compelled to correct some of the misinformation.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheriff John Drum”

Thursday, May 23, 2013

ADOT urges drivers to take precautions to prevent roadside fires

Before drivers embark on their Memorial Day Weekend road trip, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) urges motorists to take a few extra precautions with much of the state under severe fire restrictions.

Dry, hot and windy weather in Arizona creates ideal conditions for a wildfire, and motorists should be aware of the important role they play in wildfire prevention.

In 2012, approximately 55 percent of wildfires in Arizona were human caused and most could have been prevented, according to State Forester Scott Hunt with the Arizona State Forestry Division.
Preventing wildfires is everyone’s responsibility, especially when operating a vehicle. ADOT recommends following these wildfire prevention tips to reduce the threat of fire along Arizona’s roads.

·         Avoid driving or parking your vehicle in tall grass that touches your vehicle’s exhaust system.
·         Never throw a lighted cigarette out the window of a vehicle.
·         When pulling a trailer, attach safety chains securely; loose chains can drag on the pavement and cause sparks, igniting roadside fires.
·         Look behind you before driving away to check for signs of a developing fire.
·         Observe “Red Flag” warnings. Warnings are issued when weather conditions are conducive to the easy start and rapid spread of wildfires.
·         Always use a spark arrestor in internal combustion engines.
Driving into wildfire smoke can be dangerous; avoid active fires by calling 5-1-1 or log onto ADOT’s Traveler Information site at to seek alternate routes.
Additional information on wildfires can be obtained through the Arizona Emergency Information Network at, the state’s online source for real-time emergency updates, preparedness and hazard information.
An excellent source for wildfire information is, which is supported by wildland fire agencies in Arizona as part of an interagency collaboration.
(source: Arizona Department of Transportation)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rebecca Loya found guilty

 Today, Rebecca Loya of Newhall, CA, was found guilty by a jury of her peers on two counts of second degree murder in the deaths of Kevin Anthony Camarena and Brian Samuel Camarena. The boy's deaths were the result of a traffic collision on I-10 near Ehrenburg, AZ

Loya took the stand this morning. breaking down several times during her testimony. She admitted to drinking and driving, and claimed she couldn’t remember the accident.

After hearing closing arguments from County Prosecutor Tony Rodgers and defense attorney Matt Neuman,  Judge Michael Burke gave final instructions to the jury and they went into deliberations shortly before lunch. They returned with the verdict at 4:25 pm.

DUI Checkpoint Announcement - May 25, 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM

BLYTHE, Calif – The Blythe Police Department and the California Highway Patrol will conduct a Sobriety and Driver's License Checkpoint on May 25 from 7:00 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the city, where a significant number of DUI-related collisions and DUI arrests have occurred. Officers will screen drivers passing through the checkpoint for sobriety and for a valid driver's license. Drivers found to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be arrested, and unlicensed drivers may be cited and possibly have their cars towed.
"DUI arrests can be embarrassing and expensive but they're easy to prevent," said Blythe Police Chief Steve Smith "If you're drinking, hand your keys over to a designated sober driver or call a taxi or sober friend for a ride home. Don't risk an arrest - or worse, a serious injury or even death."
Smith said the purpose of the sobriety checkpoint is to reduce the number of traffic collisions related to intoxicated drivers and hit and run collisions. The checkpoint will serve as a reminder to use designated drivers and not drink.
"Our message is simple: if we catch you driving drunk, you will be arrested," Smith said.
It is the goal of the Blythe Police Department and the California Highway Patrol to continue providing public awareness on the dangers of drinking and driving, providing a safe holiday weekend, and educating the public on laws concerning driving without a driver's license.
Motorists approaching a checkpoint will need to observe traffic signs, information and police officers advising that a checkpoint is ahead. Once diverted into a lane, motorists will be delayed a moment while an officer explains the purpose of the checkpoint.
Funding for this checkpoint comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the Avoid the 30 Coalition.
"We can all help make our streets safer," said Smith. "Please report drunk drivers - call 911.

Courtesy of:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chief Mendoza Responds to DFP inquiry

Parker Live reported on the events:

Still, no minutes have been posted for the May 14th Special Meeting" as of close of business today.

Today, in an email response to yesterday's inquiry, Parker Police Chief Rod Mendoza sent the attached statement, with the comment , "The document was read during our council meeting."

Issues Concerning the Narcotic Task Force

During the last two years Parker Police Officers have been the only members of the Task Force combating drug activity throughout the entire county. The Sheriff’s Department has not assigned a deputy to assist us until a few months ago. During these last two years Parker Officers have worked effectively with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), HIDTA, Boarder Patrol, Mojave County Task Force, Phoenix PD Task Force and the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

Last month The Task Force completed an eight month investigation and served 10 arrest warrants on individuals for sales of drugs and narcotics. Parker Officers have been the sole entity keeping the Task Force operational during the last two years working cases throughout the County and will continue operating as per the IGA agreement.

On the evening of May 14, 2013, the Parker Town Council was fully informed that the County Administrator denied reimbursing the Town of Parker operating funds for the Task Force building and salaries for the Task Force officers. Historically the Town of Parker pays all Task Force bills and then will be reimbursed from the RICO account which now controlled by the County. However, by State Statue the County Attorney is supposed to be responsible for controlling all RICO monies.

Currently the County has not reimbursed the Town since February 2013 and now owes the Town over $63,000.  The decision to close the Task Force building was a financial move. The Town needed to be reimbursed for their expenditures. The equipment removed from the building was simply relocated to the Parker PD in order to continue working Task Force operations. Parker is still working within the IGA and will continue to combat drugs that plague our county.

After the Task Force Building was closed for lack of payment, the Task Force relocated to work from Parker PD. We then notified DPS Captain Campbell, DEA agent in charge of La Paz County, Assistant Director of HIDA Ralph Ogden and all three supported what we were doing and reconfirmed their full support of our operations. There was never any criminal activity by this move as the Sheriff incorrectly stated.

Our current Task Force IGA was signed by all entities in 2007 and renewed for another five years in October of 2012.  The Sheriff Department now demands to back-out of this agreement and sign a new agreement giving a majority of the authority to the Sheriff’s department and away from the current NTF board. The Sheriff wants control and complains about productivity even though they have not had a single deputy assigned to the Task Force in two years. It was just a few months ago he assigned a Lieutenant to the detail. 

The current Task Force IGA consists of the County Attorney, whom is the chairman, Quartzsite PD, the Sheriff’s department and Parker PD.  We have reached out to other entities to become board members but the Department of Public Safety and DEA have both stated they would rather just offer their full support whenever needed.
I spoke with Border Patrol agent in charge of the Blythe Station and he is working on an agreement to join our Task Force. The current NTF board welcomes new board members to assist us in our mission.

The County Attorney is the Chairman of the Task Force and has told the Sheriff numerous times that any new proposed IGA must be reviewed and approved by all entities of the current IGA.

Our mission has never changed. We are committed to eradicating the criminal activity surrounding the use and sale of drugs and narcotic in our communities. We have and will continue to effectively work with all Federal, State and Tribal agencies. We are looking forward to having the county release the RICO funds to reimburse our officers and for the maintenance of the Task Force building in order for us to resume normal operations.  

Per Arizona State Statue the County Attorney is the chairmen of the Task Force and we will patiently wait until he has had time to review all the legal, State and Federal issues that need to be addressed in the Sheriff’s proposed IGA.

In closing, the Town of Parker will always work with all entities to enhance the quality of life and in the protection of all citizens of La Paz County.

Monday, May 20, 2013

La Paz County Task Force bleeds money while internal feud escalates


This morning, at the La Paz County Board of Supervisor's meeting, (Item 14 on the Agenda) The County Finance Director disclosed that the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force had exceeded it's budget by a whopping $245,000! The Task Force had only brought in about $25,000 in revenue so far this year. The Supervisors had little choice but to amend the current budget, but did not authorize any additional expenditures though the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.

A financial summary provided to the Board showed that the Task Force had $45,000 more in expenditures than in revenue it during the previous fiscal year.

An even more shocking disclosure was made by Sheriff John Drum at "Call to the Public". In a written statement provided exclusively to the Desert Freedom Press, Drum read to the Board, 

"On the evening of May 14th 2013, the Parker Town Council voted to lock up the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force building, denying entry to any other agencies. On that same evening, members of the Parker Police Department entered the Task Force and illegally removed files, computers, guns, buy money and surveillance equipment rendering the unit "crippled" of any law enforcement activity. The reason that this is illegal is that the above listed items were purchased with R.I.C.O. and Federal Grant monies. As of now, the Parker Police Department is working their "own" drug cases (within the Town of Parker).

Over the past 3 years, the Task Force has been under the command of the Parker Police Department. During that time, the Task Force has lost 2 grants (State and Federal), totaling approximately $270,000 a year, R.I.C.O. monies have been over spent, productivity has dropped to a record low and for most of that time, the only officers in the unit were from the Parker Police Department. For those reasons, I felt that it was in the best interest of the citizens of La Paz County that the Sheriff's Office re-establish command and control of the Task Force.

Since I have taken office in January, there have been several meetings with Chief Mendoza from the Parker Police Department, Chief Gilbert from the Quartzsite Police Department and the County Attorney Tony Rogers (the only current voting members on the Task Force Board besides myself). During these meetings, we verbally agreed that a new I.G.A. would be created and the Sheriff's Office would take command of the Task Force on June 1st. A rough draft of this new I.G.A. was presented to the County attorney for his review on April 29th.

We have taken several positive steps forward in an effort to rebuild the La Paz County Task Force. All of these positive steps were nearly destroyed after the events of May 14th. It appears as though the Town of Parker and the Parker Police Department are not in support of a cooperative effort to improve the Narcotics Task Force and their own self-interests supersede the County's overall need for narcotics enforcement.

At this time, the Sheriff's Office intends on continuing forward to build an effective Task Force that will serve everyone within the County. We still intend on creating a unit with all State, Federal and local cooperation. We also intend on signing an intergovernmental Agreement with CRIT so we can assist them with the Narcotic issues on and around the reservation.

In closing I would like to leave you with this: I want to bring more agencies to the table to help us vote on Task Force expenditures. These Agencies (Border Patrol and Riverside County), will not be able to spend Task Force monies on their agencies, they will simply be there as unbiased voting members who have nothing to gain. So you have to ask yourself; why wouldn't the Town of Parker want more unbiased people voting on the Task Force Board? There is only one answer and that is control."

 The meeting minutes for the May 14th Special Meeting of the Parker Council were still not posted on their website by an hour past the close of business today, in violation of Arizona Open Meeting Law, A.R. S. Title 38  431.01 however, the May 14th Parker Special Meeting Council Agenda provided for :

1. Discussion and possible action to convene into an Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. §
38-431.03A (4) for the purpose of:
a.Discuss or consult with attorneys & representatives of the public body to consider its position and instruct its representatives on the Town of Parker’s position in regards to amending the Intergovernmental Agreement pertaining to the Racketeering Enforcement Task Force. 
and to reconvene the meeting for:
Discussion and possible action on the following item(s)
1. Discussion and Consideration of any motions pertaining to amending the intergovernmental Agreement pertaining to the Racketeering Enforcement Task Force.

The following was question was submitted to the "contact" page for the Town of Parker:
"At the May 14th Special Meeting of the Parker Town Council , did the Council explicitly authorize the Parker Police Department to remove "files, computers, guns, buy money and surveillance equipment" purchased with " R.I.C.O. and Federal Grant monies", from the Task Force office, as alleged by Sheriff John Drum at this morning's Board of Supervisor's Meeting, or was Parker Police Chief Rod Mendoza acting as a rogue agent in this seizure?"

The Desert Freedom Press eagerly awaits their official answer.  

Follow the contentious recent history of the Task Force by reviewing:

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Volume 3 Edition 10

Amanda Lilly to replace Judge Lawrence C. King

In a special meeting of the common council Amanda Lilly was chosen to replce Judge Lawrence C. King as Town Magistrate. King's contract was not renewed, and he had been publicly reprimanded by the judicial review board last year.

The other item on the agenda, to approve the settlement agreement with former council candidate John Prutch was also approved.