Friday, April 27, 2012

Scholar's Academy sex scandal goes global

What happens in Quartzsite no longer stays in Quartzsite. After 16 year old Scholars Academy student Myranda Garber filmed her married principal making out with his married secretary/administrator and posted it to Youtube, news crews arrived in Quartzsite yesterday to interview parents and students. Within hours, the story was posted as far away as the U.K and Pakistan. 

 A meeting of the Scholars Academy Advisory Board was quickly convened wherein Principal Steve McClenning resigned and Administrator Billie "BJ" Madewell was fired, after an adjournment to executive session. However, that will not be effective until June 30th due to the need for continuity of service to the students for the remainder of the semester. Charter schools are private corporations and the Scholars Academy has such a small staff that it apparently cannot provide service without McClenning and Madewell.

At the urging of former Advisory Board Member Kevin Cushman, the Quartzsite Town Council tabled renewing the school's lease pending an unrelated appeal hearing before the Arizona Board for Charter Schools next month. They had denied a requested early renewal of the school's charter in January of this year.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Condolences go out to Randall's family. Thank you Todd for your observations on bullying.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vote for Quartzsite!

The Arizona Press Club is seeking your help to crown the most deceptive and lowdown government agency or politician in the state – and to award dedicated reporters who don’t take “no” for an answer.
That’s right, we’re looking for nominations for the annual Arpaio First Amendment Disservice Award, aka the “Brick Wall” award, and the Sledgehammer award, both of which will be given at the Press Club’s May 19 awards party at The Duce in downtown Phoenix.
As you may be aware, the “Brick Wall” award is presented to officials and government agencies that do their utmost to ignore public records requests and open meeting laws, hide or destroy public documents, and place themselves above the public’s constitutional right to know what their representatives are up to.
And where there are forces of darkness, there are forces of light. The Sledgehammer award is a tribute to reporters who relentlessly hunt for the truth despite all obstacles and deception thrown in front of them by their shameless prey.
We're looking for the most egregious examples of bad behavior from April 1, 2011, through March 31, 2012. So, write us a short summary of the nefarious encounters you or others in your newsroom had during the past year and please nominate the sledgehammer-wielding journalists who served as an outstanding example to others. Please include links to or copies of any stories that would tell us more. Email your nomination to by April 30, 2012.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Judge says 'Print fraudulent ballots, to heck with fair election'

    The Prutch v Jewitt election challenge was not heard on it’s merits by Judge Michael Burke in the La Paz County Superior Court this morning. The case had been transferred by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, after the the town argued successfully over proper venue.
    Before the hearing could proceed, there were motions by attorneys on both sides that had to be ruled on. Judge Burke was prepared to grant a motion for change of judge filed by John Prutch’s attorney, Ellen Van Riper. However, Van Riper was forced to withdraw the motion because it would cause unreasonable delay and the early ballots  had to be mailed out on April 19th.
    Van Riper had also filed a motion requesting that the hearing proceed “ex parte”, meaning that the town had lost their legal right to be heard on the matter, because they had failed to file the required response to the original pleading. Judge Burke denied the motion without explanation.
    This allowed controversial Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan to argue in favor of the town’s motion to dismiss, claiming that there was inadequate time to rule properly on the case. After all, the town had already printed sample ballots without including the run off between John Prutch and Mike Jewitt.
    Judge Burke stated that although the case should be heard “on it’s merits” that would require him to stay up past midnight doing research, in order to issue a ruling before the early ballots were scheduled to be mailed to voters. Apparently preferring a good night’s sleep to giving Quartzsite voters the opportunity to have evidence of felony election fraud presented and ruled on, Burke dismissed the case.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quartzsite election challenged filed yesterday

As predicted, Write in candidate John Prutch and his attorney Ellen Van Riper filed a civil claim against the Town of Quartzsite, the Town Clerk Terry Frausto, and appointed incumbent Councilman Mike Jewitt.The hearing is set for Wednesday, April 11th, at 2 pm in the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Read the compaint - click HERE

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Trailer Trash" represents Quartzsite on Price is Right - Monday April 2nd

Letter to the editor:

Quartzsite will make the national scene on April 2nd( but in a good way)

On Feb. 22nd a group of 25 snowbirds from Quartzsite and surrounding areas went to CBS studios in California.
All were wearing green "Quartzsite Trailer Trash" T-shirts to be part of the price is right audience and hoping one of us would be chosen to Come on down!
well our wish was granted! Debbie Ventling from Montana was chosen and did make it on stage. You will have to watch the show on april second to see all she won!
It was a long day, we left Quartzsite at 5:30 am and returned after 1 am but everyone had a good time!
Alot of work by my wife, Pat Baker, helped make the trip a success. Four vehicles , 25 people, and we all arrived safe,on time and together without a problem (even parking was a breeze) Nice job pat!
We had people from Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, and Quebec Canada. Of course,WE ALL call Arizona our other home state.

Dean Baker (Baker's Desert Auction)

After episode 5911 airs on CBS station KPHO (if your watching in the greater Phoenix area) you can watch it online at

If you're interested in free tickets to be in the audience of The Price is Right, go to