Friday, October 14, 2011

Messages from Quartzsite citizens

Please publish if you will.

And a letter posted from someone, so blatantly false on every assertion (except possibly that Richard paints cars in Mexico...) that it is apparent why they didn't bother to check their facts...or sign their name to it! An interesting week!


  1. Seems your moronic town council and punks in the blue uniforms are still at it! As for the little weasel ass hat punk that wrote the UNSIGNED letter. Lets just say little weasel ass punks are scared shitless to be physically confronted, so they send UNSIGNED hand written letters acting as if they are super intimidating bad asses! Well here is what I think of punk ass little weasels sending people UNSIGNED it comes...wait for it....wait for it. My Response is: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Far as the all soooooo looking tough guys in the blue uniforms. Just remember this, morons! When Revolutions have started in history all those uniformed personnel who protected the political scum are usually the first to feel the direct rage of the PEOPLE! Choose this day who you're with because when revolution is underway it's too late to change sides tough guys! Are you with the PEOPLE or the political scum?

  2. LOL you posted exactly what she wrote. It shows her mental state. I do not live near or been to Q town. But I think I can guess who wrote this, or someone made me think Whom the wacko is.

  3. Call Judge Terry Frausto and protest this arrest. Dana Stadler has a clear title to his truck that was stolen by Jeff Gilbert ass kisser Dennis Hegeman. (see letter above) By the way, the neighborhood nickname for Dennis Hegeman is "Psycho". And Dana says he's a convicted child molester from years ago.

    Judge Frausto, wife of Sergeant Xavier Frausto, Jeff Gilbert's # 1 THUG, can you say conflict of interest? Anyway she told Dana Stadler that she set his bail at $2000.00 because she wanted him to stay in jail for a while!

    The dumb judge's # is 928-927-7477 CALL AND LEAVE A MESSAGE PLEASE!!!

  4. This is entrapment. This will shut down Bars in town. Quartzsute does not want vender's there and now they don't want Bars and resturant's there, just a perfect little town with no one there except the "whatever they want to call themselves". People will no longer go into eat or drink at the local Restruants. Or come there during the winter months . Not right away but give it one year under this rule and Q-Ville will be a ghost town again, look at it now.

    So if anyone has a gruge against a person in the bar they can just call the Police up and tell the cops so and so is drunk. And away they go.

    JUst so you know. The basis for a traffic stop is "reasonable and articulable suspicion" not probable cause. RAS requires articulable facts to connect the vehicle or a passenger to a criminal violation or a violation of traffic laws. Leaving a bar isn't sufficient.

    That said, cops can lie and it really isn't difficult to come up with actual reasons to stop people. For instance, in many states you MUST stop your vehicle when leaving a parking lot and before entering a roadway. Many/most people just look to see that it is clear and keep going. That justifies a stop even if you're hoping to nab a DUI.

    What is the next step in Q-Ville....

    There are lots of things the Chief/Whomever could do to save lives if we give up our freedom and privacy to the to the Head Police People. The Chief/Whomever could do daily door-to-door searches of houses looking for evidence of crimes or potential crimes, put up cameras everywhere to watch everything we do, give us internal passports and restrict where we go and when, and have security checkpoints every step of the way. We could have police on every street corner to keep Q-Ville safe. I've visited some countries that did these kinds of things. They are pretty safe from a lot of crime, but they are extremely oppressive places to live and work. That's not the kind of Town or Winter Event in which I want to visit.

    1. shut down businesses, what's new, or should I say where have you been? Can you not see that the winter fest is all but moved away. these idiots think a super highway is coming through Quartzsite: NO WAY!!!!
      It is gong right through Texas just as it was decided and put in motion in 1974.
      West of Montreal to texas to mexico city to Central to Brazil and will start Development in year 2057.
      These idiots think they can shut this town down by killing the winter fest and turn it into a retirment home. Then make them lay down belly up for a few discount meals.
      We are seeing for the first time that Americans are saying screw you.
      Yes there is some week minded people who will lay down for scraps of their tables.
      But Americans are working people, America was a super power for building premium product at one time for the whole world.
      This want be the last time people are wanting the constitution put back and they are getting where the government is going to be replaced completely.
      And all that the government has promised to other countries well they can take their own wealth and pay them back not us. The oath that they took and betrayed made that possible.
      Stop acting so stupid and wake up!!!!!

  5. I think if all of the residents of Quartzsite were to be wired for video, paid for at your own expense, with a direct feed into the Gilbert/Taft/Lukkasan "Hidden From Official View HQ" at the Laundrymat, and once Patterson, Fabby or the other tools on duty get an order from Gilbert, they goosestep march out of there to "save" the dissidents from themselves, then we'll truly be safe. After all, Gilbert, Patterson, F, and the gang gotta protect those paychecks and pensions they're all expecting. Liberties and freedom be damned, we've got a police state to defend!

  6. NOTE THE WORDS PRIVATE COMPANY...Do you have any doubt they're NOT in it for
    "we the people"? While we were sleeping America got hijacked...

    About Quartzsite Town Hall

    Quartzsite Town Hall in Quartzsite, AZ is a private company categorized under Executive Offices, Local Government. Our records show it was established in 1989 and incorporated in Arizona. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of unknown and employs a staff of approximately 10 to 19. Companies like Quartzsite Town Hall usually offer: Municipal Gov, Municipal Government Services, Municipal Govt, Municipality Government.

    L.P.H. Zani

  7. Does anyone care that Dana is still in jail? Just checking...

    Call Judge Terry Frausto 928-927-7477
    She purposefully set the bail too high so Dana couldn't be free while awaiting his due process. This is CRIMINAL and she should be hanged for it.

    Call Jeff Gilbert 928-927-4644
    Jeff is a special kind of retarded, all you have to do is talk to his followers. (Start with Wes and Mary Huntley) He is the laughing stock of law enforcement nationwide. In La Paz County if you mention Jeff's name to another cop, they snicker.... but they won't do anything about it.

    Just look at the people he surrounds himself with, Rick Patterson, former Undersheriff, fired by the Sheriff who's had two recall attempts against him, now that's saying something.

    And the dumb girl cop Fabby. Promoted to Lt. immediately because of her ability to be loyal to Jeff Gilbert, or she suck starts his Harley for him every morning.

    And all the rest of you do anything for a paycheck cops, the world is watching. One slip up, follow one more illegal order from Gilbert, and your career is going to be next!

    When you call Our Dear Leaders Gilbert and Frausto remind them this is still America, and if they don't like it to leave.

  8. It is hypocritical to criticize a letter that was not signed and then allow annoymous postings on your web site. Make a choice. Make everyone sign their name when posting or stop criticizing annoymous letters.

  9. blackrulon, that makes about sense as keeping Jeff Gilbert and the rest of the QPD around to protect us

  10. I haven't read the letter but, so what, if it's anonymous? Just because he or she didn't post the letter online, using either a real or fictitious name, doesn't mean free speech isn't protected. Get over not knowing who wrote it, take it at face value, and just shut up and let everyone have a say!

  11. I love the way "Anonymous" says "just shut up and let everyone have a say!" The term "oxymoron" comes to mind. And by the way, Anonymous oxy-MORON, I let this person have their say, by printing their letter in my newspaper AND posting it hear, so what's your excuse for not reading it? It's one thing to post OPINIONS anonymously, but another thing to blatantly post LIES all over town, without having the guts to confront the people you are intentionally lying about. The only comments I moderate and do not post are those I know to be false, and written to be construed as fact instead of opinion. That would be LIABLE and is better to suited to another local publication.

  12. Dennis Hegeman is a 24/7 drunk. For him to pen the above letter only proves that Jeff Gilbert gives out favors to friends and family. No wonder Gilbert and Patterson and Fabby let him steal Dana's truck. See you in Hell Gilbert!!!

  13. I didn't read the letter because the resolution was inadequate. FYI, I even saved the jpeg files to my hard drive, tried manipulating using photo software, but was unable to render anything readable. You say you don't publish anything known to be false, but you published the letter anyway? Talk about an oxymoron. Keep your head down next time!

  14. The DESERT FREEDOM PRESSOctober 22, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    Not true about the resolution. Right at the top of this site it says "Just hold the Ctrl button down and keep hitting the + key!" and I tested it, so I know the letter can be read easily. It was transcribed for pg 4 of my publication, both online and on the street, so you have no excuse. The letter says to publish it if the statements are FALSE, and since they were, I did. Thanks for the suggetion, but I'll hold my head high.

  15. You're right, using Control + does enlarge. Only problem, the large rendering is off my screen, making it still unreadable in its entirety. Scrolling left or right does not work. Why not post the jpeg image in full resolution to begin with, so its readable the same as all of your post? All browsers automatically size image resolution to fit each window, with the option to click on the image to render full resolution. To depart from this standard convention is not only confusing but causes problems, like this, that are not needed in most of our lives. KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Finally, I got to read the elusive text of the above letter (after much finagling), obviously written by a senior citizen of some iteration. This letter exemplifies one of the reasons I love free speech. In this case, it reveals a person who prefers print over cursive, which printing style you expect from kids in this age of texting but not from seniors who ostensibly had prided themselves with penmanship to express individuality. The author is a moron, given the sexist criticism of Foster for not taking his squeeze out to eat, sing and or dance, as though these activities are a prerequisite in any relationship. It does not occur to the retard that if the squeeze is hungry, she could take Foster out to eat.

    Publish everything! Let the reader decide what is true or false. If it bothers you that anything is false, add a notation to such effect! But whatever, don't deny the reader the benefit of a letter like this one, which provides rare and ridiculous humor like seen on America's Funniest Home Videos. I wish someone would identify this author, just so I can see if the picture matches the one I'm imagining -- a smoker with a gravel voice, a face furrowed like dry mud, and junk hormones that fuel facial hair growing from too many moles. People are always far more expressive when given the opportunity to weigh in anonymously, even if they hang themselves in the process. Too many in La Paz County seem to be lost on the fact that anonymity is a variation of privacy, which is protected by the Constitution. And given the enormous risk of identity fraud, anyone exposing their true identity on the Internet, is a high roller who has not given full thought to the jeopardy that comes with sharing personal information with hoodlums, now epidemic, especially in Eastern European countries.

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