Friday, April 27, 2012

Scholar's Academy sex scandal goes global

What happens in Quartzsite no longer stays in Quartzsite. After 16 year old Scholars Academy student Myranda Garber filmed her married principal making out with his married secretary/administrator and posted it to Youtube, news crews arrived in Quartzsite yesterday to interview parents and students. Within hours, the story was posted as far away as the U.K and Pakistan. 

 A meeting of the Scholars Academy Advisory Board was quickly convened wherein Principal Steve McClenning resigned and Administrator Billie "BJ" Madewell was fired, after an adjournment to executive session. However, that will not be effective until June 30th due to the need for continuity of service to the students for the remainder of the semester. Charter schools are private corporations and the Scholars Academy has such a small staff that it apparently cannot provide service without McClenning and Madewell.

At the urging of former Advisory Board Member Kevin Cushman, the Quartzsite Town Council tabled renewing the school's lease pending an unrelated appeal hearing before the Arizona Board for Charter Schools next month. They had denied a requested early renewal of the school's charter in January of this year.



  1. You know funny that the school board acts surprised they have known about those two for over a year, when Billie/BJ gave her old phone to her son who brought it to school. A nosy teacher found that it had steamy texts between the two. Why do you think McClennings wife left? The school board, went as far as to have a special meeting back then to decide weather to discipline them. I was appalled then, to find they did nothing. In my eyes the lack of disciplinary actions by the school board would teach the students that it was ok to cheat on your spouse, that there were no consequences. So what kind of disciplinary actions should be brought against the board? The present situation has just shown us what happens when you do nothing...

  2. Just like our town govt. When you know there is bad behavior going on and you do nothing, you get an out of control situation. Now the children, the school, the parents and the community will suffer because people kept their mouth shut when they should've been speaking out. It's truly sad that it came to this when many others knew this was going on for some time. You get the government and the community you deserve. Get up off your lazy asses when you see something like this happening. Who is on this school board anyway???

  3. Another stomach-turning fact, is that Billie Rhines/Madewell actually was a student of Principal Steven McClenning's in the 90s.

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