Thursday, May 24, 2012

Audio and transcript - Outgoing mayor assaulted by town attorney?​UKFZjs58I_w

02:35 Mayor Lizarraga
 “Hey, hey, hey, nothing please. Please be respectful, courteous, I’m sorry for wasting your time.

02:36   Cowell
“He can’t do that”

02:40 Martin Brannan to Mayor Lizarraga
 “I’ll be reporting this to the AG, Mr. Mayor.”

02:42 Councilman Jewitt(*at 2:48 in video)
 “Point of Order”

2:44 Brannan (continues) to Mayor Lizarraga
(*at 2:50 in video)
 “That you’re fined.”

2:46 Lizarraga to Martin Brannan
(*at 2:56 in video)
 “That’s fine. You want to arrest me now, Martin?”

2:47    Jewitt

At 2:53 in audio. Brannan has followed Lizarraga to a backroom though doorway seen in right upper corner of below image, Taft is facing toward the open door of backroom. Joe Winslow (seated just to right of flag in the image) is turned toward open door through which Brannan has just followed Lizarraga.

(Unknown person)
"What the hell?"
Councilman Winslow(?)
"What the?"

02:54 Vice Mayor Cowell (referencing the Mayor’s adjourning of the meeting)
 “He can’t do that. He can’t do that. I will tell everybody he’s not allowed to do that.”

02:59 Mayor Lizarraga’s voice picked up on the audio
 “…touch me!”

03:00 to 03:09 Mayor Lizarraga’s voice
 “He came up and he pushed me, he pushed me ______ (Unintelligible).

03:09 Councilman Winslow

03:10 Mayor Lizarraga’s voice
 “Did you see it? Did you see him push me? “

03:12 Councilman Winslow
 “Uh,  yes I did, it was..”

03:25 End of audio


  1. Goodness! Why in the world do people vote? I had thought it was to make a decision on who we, the people, want to be mayor and council person. But the city manager , and present council, refuses to swear the new ones in! So foolish to waste the money on ballots! Have they no idea as to who they are supposed to be representing? I have many friends that are so tired of the present people controlling the city...they are talking of moving out of here.

  2. see

  3. God bless the guy or gal that put this Web Site together, but I think Brannan is about to ask for an industrial large 55-gallon drum of Vaseline before getting a room with a view and a bunkmate named Bubba!

    Just how deep are they willing to spread lies to keep from a long prison term? The trap has been bated and they have all run to the trough and consumed the waters of deceit and greed and soon they will have to pay the price.

    Having a history with the Feds and working with FBI Agents I know that they love to set up unsuspecting criminals before they start their interviews and interrogations by having ALL THE ANSWERS before they ask the questions. For those down at Town Hall that have forgotten and/or don’t know, it is a “Federal Felony” to lie, misdirect, or give false information to a Federal Agent!

    They may not have what they need to convict, but can you guess how many people are cooling their heels in a Federal Prison for lying?

    Visit this Web Site as it has a great breakdown of the Lizarraga Assault by Brannan!

    Get the “Truth,” get the “Facts”!