Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quartzsite Town attorney files grievance over termination

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In a tell all and sometimes fanciful recounting of the last year and a half, Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan has filed a complaint with the Arizona Personnel Board. He is basically alleging a hostile work environment, that ironically, he helped to create, and mental anguish related to a preexisting 50% disability for "post traumatic stress disorder".

Brannan states that he was too mentally ill to attend his own hearing before the Quartzsite Town Council, and despite he and his wife being well compensated as town employees he could not afford treatment. According to Brannans claim, “Dr. Franklin ordered me to go to the emergency room for an immediate psych evaluation as I had exceeded his ability to be of assistance… Not being able to afford the $250 co-pay for the local emergency room …I sent an email to Bruno explaining that I was not well.”

 Brannan is demanding severance pay, and will likely pursue civil damages, however, A.R.S. Section A.R.S. § 12-2202 requires that “Persons who are of unsound mind at the time they are called to testify shall not be witnesses in a civil action.” Likewise, Rule 35(a) of Arizona Civil Procedure states, “When the mental or physical condition (including the blood group) of a party [...] is in controversy, the court in which the action is pending may order the party to submit to a physical or mental examination by a physician or psychologist or to produce for examination the person in the party’s custody or legal control. The order may be made only on motion for good cause shown and upon notice to the person to be examined and to all parties and shall specify the time, place, manner, conditions, and scope of the examination and the person or persons by whom it is to be made.” It is not known if there are similar requirments for the Arizona State Personnel Board, or if any “testimony” Brannon gives in this matter or any other is even admissable.

He is demanding the following relief from the AZ Personnel Board:

1) That the State Personnel Board enjoins the Town of Quartzsite from terminating me with cause.
2) That the State Personnel Board orders the Town of Quartzsite to change the termination to a without cause termination and pay the severance owed as a result thereof.
3) That the State Personnel Board orders Laura Bruno to pay a civil penalty of up to five thousand dollars to the Town of Quartzsite general fund to be paid by Laura Bruno, not the Town of Quartzsite.
4) That the State Personnel Board finds that Laura Bruno committed a prohibited personnel practice against Complainant, who disclosed information that Complainant reasonably believed evidenced a violation of any law.
5) That the State Personnel Board orders Laura Bruno to pay a civil penalty of up to ten thousand dollars.
6) That the State Personnel Board orders the Town of Quartzsite to dismiss Laura Bruno.
7) That the State Personnel Board bars Laura Bruno from any future employment by the Town of Quartzsite.

Brannan's contract was terminated on October 30th,  "with cause" for the following reasons:
1. Violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys in the State of Arizona, including a conflict of interest in violation of Ethical Rule 1.7(a). You gave advice to Council of the Town  Quartzsite regarding personnel matters then initiated legal action against advised Council members for failure to follow advice.
2. Material Misrepresentation to Town Council and Violation of Town Procurement Code. Stating to Council on March 27, 2012 that there would be no authorization to use town funds in connection with a voter fraud investigation; You later claimed that you had authority to hire Mr. Humphreys to perform an investigation without approval of the Council for the expenditure and incurred expenses in excess of $8,000 on behalf of the Town without authorization from Town Council, in violation of Town Code Section 3-401H.
3. Attempted and actual abandonment of your position; Seeking to abandon your position by repeatedly requesting notice of constructive discharge from acting Town Manager Frausto; Abandoning your position by packing your belongings and not returning to work.
4. Intimidation of Acting town Manager and coercion to acquire her signature on a document purporting to recuse herself in regards to personnel matters.
5. Acting in violation of your duties of loyalty.

Brannan states that he was hired because "the Town was looking for a hard-ass” town attorney", and that he "was advised the town was factionalized, but this was something of an understatement". According to Brannan, the recently released DPS report "provided information from which a reasonably prudent person could conclude that Gilbert did misuse the NCIC and ACJIS and did tamper with a witness. The Town was asked, however, to hold on to the information while it was reviewed by the AMRRP attorneys defending the federal lawsuit involving the seven employees, so no action was taken immediately upon receipt of the report." He claims the charge of witness tampering is being reconsidered for prosecution by the Attorney General's Office and discusses the reason that Gilbert and Sgt. Fabiola Garcia were put on administrative leave this summer, "Gilbert and one of his sergeants, a female with whom he appears to be romantically, or at the very least, inappropriately involved, had conspired to submit a time card for the charge which stated that she had worked nine hours and taken one vacation hour on a day when the Town knew that the sergeant was only in Quartzsite available to work for no more than six hours." This charge was subsequently stated by the town to be unsubstantiated and Garcia returned to work with QPD.

Brannan also claims that Councilman Mark Orgeron orchestrated open meeting violations, and that Orgeron's choice for "Interim Town Manager", CASA pension schemer Laura Bruno intimidated town employees, and engaged in prohibited personnel practices.


  1. Mentally ill and unsound mind? Duh. That's been there all along.

    Now the rats are cornered and come crying with more weird ideas. Obviously mental illness has a long-shelf life in Quartzsite.

    Perhaps Laura Burno and all should counter sue, but that will just keep the wrongs in the limelight.

    Message to all Quartzsite losers including Failed Police Chief Gilbert, Too-Cozy Corrupt Politicians, & self-serving public servants and career cleptomaniacs: Just Go Away! You lost already. Done.

    But, they probably won't. I'm sure a come-back scheme is already plotted.

  2. There is one way to regain your health after being diagnosed with a terminal disease, and that is to avoid what caused it. The cancer in Quartzsite is GOVERNMENT, get rid of it. Incorporating was a bad idea to begin with and it's a bad idea to continue with it. UNINCORPORATE NOW OR FOREVER BE RULED BY WITLESS DORK POLITICIANS. If you think people like Ed Foster and Mark Orgeron and Jeff Gilbert and Laura Bruno can unphuck this situation, you are in deeeep denial and you need help!

  3. will Quartzsite ever be normal? A place where hard working people can work in peace?

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