Monday, December 17, 2012

Ryan McCabe shot by CRIT Officer Daniel Martinez in Parker, AZ

Officers were allegedly dispatched to a domestic violence call involving a male and a female. Upon arrival, they encountered a Native American male waiving a handgun in the air. Officers reportedly asked him to lower the gun several times. The suspect then proceeded to point the gun at the officers. Officer Daniel Martinez shot Ryan McCabe in the chest. McCabe is the son of La Paz County Sheriff's Department Administrative Secretary Claudia Stewart Seechoma.

John Wright of KLPZ radio/Parkerliveonline reported the following:
    "Parker Police Chief Rod Mendoza confirmed that a CRIT Police officer shot a suspect near 19th Street and Mohave Avenue in Parker after the suspect was reported to be brandishing a hand gun on the street.    
    Parker High School was placed on lockdown for a short time out of an abundance of caution while police ensured no other suspects were involved, Mendoza says. Ultimately no others were involved and the suspect is reported to be in custody with no further incident. 
    At no time were the students of any area school believed to be in danger and school is out now, Mendoza confirmed. The suspect was believed to be a tribal member."

Jennifer Giannola, a spokesperson for the FBI in Tucson, sent this statement to the Parker Pioneer: 
     “The FBI and the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department are investigating an incident involving the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department and a male tribal member that occurred in the afternoon of December 17, 2012 on the CRIT Reservation. Preliminary reports indicate that the male suspect died in a confrontation with officers. The investigation is on-going. No further information will be provided at this time.”

Parker Police Chief Rod Mendoza stated the next day, “The shooting incident that occurred yesterday was devastating and tragic to the entire community. The families directly affected are well known by everyone in our town. The emergency responders arrived quickly and worked diligently in trying to save a life but unfortunately the person did not survive. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation by the CRIT Police Department, BIA and the FBI. All questions should be directed to CRIT Chief of Police Richard Armstrong. Our sincere sympathy and prayers go out to the family members and friends.”

The Colorado River Indian Tribes issued this statement, “In light of the events that transpired yesterday, CRIT Department of Health Services and Behavioral Health will have counselors available for anyone who would like to speak to a counselor. Anyone wanting to speak with someone can walk in and request services. The number is (928) 669-8187, and there will be someone available today and tomorrow from 8-5, the tribal warm line will also be available for anyone seeking services. Their number is (855) 728-8630. You may also call the Advocacy program and the Crisis Shelter after hours if you would like to speak with someone. The Advocacy Program number is (928) 669-2906 and the shelter number is (888) 499-0911 and (928) 669-0107. For safety planning or any other domestic violence services please contact the shelter or the advocacy program. Thank you”

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  1. No Lawsuit yet. If McCabe had been shot by an officer from another department, they would be filing a lawsuit right of way. I guess it pays to be a tribal member, that way you are exempt.