Monday, April 8, 2013

Volume 3 Edition 8

Will be posted sometime tomorrow night, as soon as I have a chance to convert the files!

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  1. Rebuking the spirit of the evil one:
    O “Quartzsite”.”YOU”have soiled and tried to murder the children and their family's of who you say you serve. Repentance, Love and sacrifice is what is ask of you and required of you nothing more,
    It's not what you do, it is what is done through you. Your darkness can't be covered up by scripture quoting and self righteous behavior. Time is short and your acts of religion want save you from horses that are coming. Wrath we've all heard of could be avoided if you would turn from your doings.
    I say “Quartzsite” because from the chairs of high to the ground you all look for those who you think can't protect themselves to hurt and soil, but little did you know who children you were hunting.
    Make aright your wrongs, come to or be found in ashes.
    Why do some get their guns taken in the BLM and others don't, making statements of assault and even threats of harming other to carry sexual assault? I could not beleave what took place and was protected by BLM and the local government! Protection was denied and was used to further harassment by Rangers of the BLM. Do I look forward to see you or do I hang my head and morn for you when you are called?Should You hunt for those you have wrong to make aright with them?
    Or will quartzite be found by only the palms of your hands or on your hands and knees eating the grass of the field like cattle? O “LORD GOD” bless me that my heart would change and want good for all the people of Quartzite because I am not able at this time?
    Every time I here a person of the cloth talking about burn out, I wonder, Did they take a job or were they called? Did they ever here: I want put more on them than you can handle, fall down-get up do it again. The world needs to watch Quartzsite, AZ. A town being called at this time to pay the bills you have built up. He want be mocked or forget when YOU have caused his to stumble or when YOU have done worse. You act as if he isn't watching and knowing your thoughts deeds and heart.
    I'll pray for You Quartzsite and your Elders may they all be chastise for GOD GLORY and your good.
    Sign a messenger of GOD.
    What America would say if they knew what you have done.