Saturday, September 7, 2013



An unknown number of persons, many of whom are suing the Town of Quartzsite, have in their possession a totally un-redacted complete copy of "Special Investigations" report, DPS2011027462, which details the Arizona Department of Public Safety investigation into the complaints made against Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert by 10 out of 14 members of his own department back in the spring of 2011.

This report is "the smoking gun" which contains, among other evidence, audits of the AZCJIS/NCIC data base showing that the QPD conducted hundreds of criminal background checks on a small group of citizens perceived to be politically opposed to Town officials and targeted them for "color of law" abuse. Misuse of the National Crime Information Center data base is a crime.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne was given a copy of the report in February of 2012 and he refused to prosecute what is evidently hundreds of criminal counts against the Quartzsite Police Department. The AZ Police Officers Standards and Training Board has refused to take any action to revoke Police Chief Gilbert's certification. All members of the Quartzsite Town Council were given a complete copy of this un-redacted DPS report in August of 2012 and instead of voting to terminate Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, they brought him back from administrative leave and took actions that resulted in the termination of members of the Town administration who had placed him there and attempted to terminate Gilbert's employment.

My husband and I have filed a civil claim in U.S. District Court, as documented victims of this illegal pattern and practice, CV-13-01770-PHX-DGC

The Arizona Municipal Risk Retention Pool (AMRRP) was the Town's insurer during the period the documented abuse of the NCIC data base took place and will ultimately be responsible for paying out damage claims to those in litigation with the Town over the actions of Town officials during their coverage. Nearly every municipality in Arizona pays into AMRRP and will share in a percentage of the loss, when claims are eventually paid out. AMRRP terminated their coverage for the Town of Quartzsite on January 6th, 2013, after a record number of civil claims and shortly after Town Manager Laura Bruno's release of an allegedly confidential document to members of the Town Council.


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