Thursday, October 10, 2013

No commerce for 3 days?

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, there is a political event taking place wherein truckers will stop delivering goods and consumers will stop buying them for 3 days. Those who cannot attend the national event are asking that you support the Arizona event at the capitol or show support and encouragement of truckers on these days. 

As Democrats and Republicans dig in their heels for what appears to be trench warfare over the federal budget, Americans are beginning to get restless and Europeans are publishing disturbing information the local media is not reporting

According to the Facebook page
"Arizona supporters of Truckers Ride For The Constitution will be backing the truckers on October 11th - 13th with no work, no buy, no sell for those three days. We demand Obama be removed from office and all that he has enacted undone as unconstitutional!!! If you can't go to DC (company owned rigs), break down at our AZ State Capitol. We're planning to get together at our capitol so please check this event page regularly for updates and share this page with people you know. We hope that other states will join us by creating an event page and organizing locally to help show these truckers support across our nation."



Phoenix Valley ~ 11th Ave Pedestrian Overpass over I-10. Park on the North side of I-10 as this is a nicer neighborhood than the South side. There is a local market and some street parking.

Yuma ~ 4th and 16th Kingman ~ I-40 and Andy Devine.

Quartzsite ~ Quartzsite Pedestrian Overpass I-10 between exit 17 and Hwy 95

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