Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DFP publisher injured during unlawfull arrest!

Jennifer Jones was cited for "disorderly conduct", and released to the River Medical ambulance. She was taken to La Paz Regional Hospital in Parker, where she was treated for a "sprained" elbow and released. Mayor Ed Foster contacted DPS and filed "disorderly conduct" charges against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Sgt. Fabiola Garcia and Officer Rick Patterson for disrupting the meeting. The video shows that Jones was never told she was "under arrest" by any of the officers, and she will seek charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault against the officers.


  1. Typical council meetings when the public wants to present an issue. I've been to several different city council meetings and it appears all of them have an egg timer from 3 to 4 minutes and then treat the speaker as an enemy.

  2. You should make sure this Police Dept. does NOT have any ties with the Drug Cartels. This may be the reason they are acting in this manner.
    I've been to Quartzite a few times (lived in Glendale), so I kinda know how things get run down there, hey, Money Talks.

  3. I went to watch this video on youtube today and it was removed because Douglas Gifford claimed a copyright on the video.

  4. We are backing you here in the state of Georgia, Miss/Mrs Jones. Here is the full context of the protest e-mail I fired off to all city council members and to your Mayor Ed Foster for standing up for your RIGHT to redress of grievances to your local govt body!

    Thank you Mayor Ed Foster for stepping up to defend Jennifer Jones RIGHTS to her 1st amendment freedom of speech!

    To the thuggish council members who VIOLATED Jennifer Jones 1st amendment for redress of grievances to her local governing body, which is you!
    The world is watching your criminal actions on YOUTUBE. To think you fools could think you could get away with such thuggish criminal acts openly without the rest of the world noticing! Well you were WRONG!

    I hope to dear GOD Jennifer Jones sues your city for every penny she can get! Your type of thuggish governing is why our FOUNDING FATHERS of the American colonies decided to throw off the tyrannical rule of King George of England in 1776!
    You council members have VIOLATED that covenant set down by those brave men of honor by your cowardly behavior against Jennifer Jones and her RIGHTS as a American that the Founders of the United States Of America won for us all in a long bloody revolutionary war.
    How dare you tyrants dishonor those who have died so long ago to secure every Americans right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT to redress of grievances of the actions of those who we elect!
    You are not kings! You are public SERVANTS!

    In the spirit of 1776, do what it right and don't VIOLATE those whom you SERVE, rights!
    Remember the world will be watching!

  5. Wow, maybe the thug council will order their boy the chief of police to contact Obama's Homeland Security forces who might be willing to go after her for terrorism...that way they can lock her up and keep her quiet indefinitely - all legal too under the unpatriotic Patriot Bill...

    Yep, the world has an eye on the audacity of all of these jackass thugs in office.

  6. Well, if this is typical behavior, "We The People" should take back the control given to our PUBLIC SERVANTS. What's worse, our public servants becoming our Lords, or our banks being the lords of our government? Sounds like they're both the same. If these bastards get away with this, that should be the crime of the century.

  7. It is shameful for the men who attended in this meeting. They did not have the gut to stand up to protect Jennifer's right.
    Comparing to my Bell City in CA, we are living in a paradise. The officials here are corrupt but they are far more civilized than the "thugs" in Quartzsite.
    Don't count on Governor, DA office and FBI. They are just a joke. Everything goes wrong in this country.
    Taking your city back. Every man goes to City Hall to put Mayor Foster in charge, fire all the "thugs", arresting Police Chief and whoever violated Jennifer's right.
    The entire world is watching you; our founding fathers are expecting you to take action.
    If you are a "man", just do it.

  8. Pursue your Kidnapping charges if you feel it serve your purposes. But you may wish to investigate. 'Illegal/Unlawful restriction of your freedom of movement. Your freedom of movement is guaranteed by the U.S.Constitution.
    Anyone who uses their badge, office or 'authority' to restrict your freedom of movement is in deep do do both civilly and criminally if they can not show just cause.
    Uncle John