Friday, March 30, 2012

Quorum of council approves election results, legal challenge expected

After reviewing additional documents related to interpretation of Arizona election statutes, Quartzsite Councilmembers Joe Winslow, Patricia Anderson, Carol Kelley and Barbara Cowell voted to approve the resolution declaring a "special - winner take all" election instead of a primary, and declaring appointed incumbent Mike Jewitt the winner this afternoon. Jewitt was not sworn in however and illegally seated Mayor Jose Lizarraga was not in attendance, having previously recused himself due to conflict of interest. Candidate John Prutch is on the Fire Department Board where Lizarraga is  employed.

Ellen Van Ripper, attorney for candidate John Prutch is expected to file a challenge in La Paz County Superior Court by April 4th. This will be a precedent setting court case, as the amendment to state law regulating the filling of council vacancies enacted last year has not yet been challenged. The council is betting taxpayer money on Town Attorney Martin Brannan's interpretation of the statute, despite Brannan's legal opinion being in direct opposition to the interpretation provided to Quartzsite and other municipalities by the Arizona League of Cities and Towns last October.

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  1. The world according to Martin Brannan; "It's legal until a judge tells me it's not.."