Monday, March 26, 2012

Resolutions, or recipe for disaster? 3-27-12 council meeting
Despite being told repeatedly that there was a primary election, not a "special" election on March 13th to fill the council seat of Jose Lizarraga, who resigned to run for mayor last summer, it seems clear that the Quartzsite Town Council intends to defiantly seat incumbent Mike Jewitt tomorrow morning under Resolution 12-08. Jewitt was appointed to fill Lizarraga's seat, but had to run for it at the next regularly scheduled election, pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes.
Read the warning letter to Quartzsite Town Attorney
Official write in candidate John Prutch has retained legal council, and is expected to challenge Jewiitt's usurpation of office before weeks end.

The town is making some pretty wild allegations regarding registered voters in the primary election in Resolution 12-07. It seems clear that they do not believe incumbents can survive the General Election in May. The cost of compiling these statistics at tax payer expense is currently unknown, and no documentation or evidence in support of the claims made in the  Resolution were included. If the councilmember vote in favor of 12-07 without any serious discussion, it must be assumed that they vetted this agenda item in yet another secret meeting.

Both resolutions were placed on the Agenda by Town Manager Alex Taft.


  1. Since when are you damned for FOLLOWING the law Ms. Cowell? Maybe Martin Brannan should go back to school and learn that maybe when they passed these laws they didn’t want to give people like him any wiggle room. Now if the Town Council goes and swears in Mr. Jewitt against the Arizona State Law and advice from law firm of Van Ripper, Mayor Lizarraga headaches of more attorney fees will only be placed on the fast track!

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  2. What about all of those illegal votes that come in from Rainbow acres? Also, whatabout all of the illegal votes, like Taft's relatives? Here the dissidents have to play by the rules and the town clowns get to break the law with impunity because #1 loser cop Jeff Gilbert has their back. Alex Taft is one sick bitch! FIRE HER before she completely bankrupts Quartzsite like her mentors in slime did La Paz County!!!

    1. If you've got proof of those illegal votes, bring it by. I do know of illegal votes for their team, but I'm always looking for more!

    2. Donna Hale has the proof. Good luck! Jeff and Sondra Gilbert voted when they lived out there, check it out!!!

  3. It looks like all the actions behind the walls of the Town of Quartzsite are in vain. The Law Firm of Ellen Van Ripper has filed Court Actions against the Town of Quartzsite yesterday in Maricopa County with a hearing date of April 11th.

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