Friday, July 27, 2012

Councilman Orgeron finally seated

This morning, in yet another special meeting, the Quartzsite Town Council finally seated Mark Orgeron. Orgeron had been elected May 15th, but members of the council said he wasn't "qualified" to hold office, forcing the matter into federal court.

July 20th, the Honerable Roslyn O. Silver ruled that Orgeron was qualified and had been denied his rightful seat.

As part of a settlement agreement, the Town of Quartzsite agreed to pay a reported $35,000 in legal fees to Orgeron, who was represented by the law firm of Snell & Wilmer LLP.


  1. Hooray! Justice (and the law) is actually happening at the Town of Quartzsite. A first.

    What surprises me is that these criminals didn't try some other dirty trick like hiding his chair and then saying, "well, sorry there, Mark. But, you can't technically sit. So, go home until we approve purchasing a chair for you. That might take a while."

    Nothing like having a Federal Judge land on these career, but amateurish, thieves. I can't wait to see the rest of them go. Get your ballots ready!

  2. What about Ed Foster?
    Will this be another business as usual for Quartzite? I'm sick of watching and hearing people in this town when they are just a ordinary citizen talk about how bad the government is doing, Then a little fame and a little wealth gets in their pockets and every time you look up they are right there with them, Will this be another everyone for them self or will we truly get to see a honest and righteous government?

  3. No citizen is just ordinary they may not be in charge but they reap the action of those that think they have more rights than an ordinary citizen.We elect people and pay them too do a honest and fair job not too distance us from our government.

  4. I am blinded by thinking about what I see and hear!!

    After the other day when I was talking to a man about our true rights here in america this man made a statement that changed me forever about the way I think about American people and voting here in america. He said if Mark Orgeron hadn't had money to have rights he would have been killed or run out of Quartzsite. That being so true it didn't set right with my soul. My Dad told me when I was eighteen, Son if You don't vote, You don't matter. I thought this was true until now and I think I've voted my last time, What's the use?
    I don't care anymore, About politics, If you don't have money for a lawyer to protect them, you have none.
    Cops can lie undercover and on the stand, There is at the standard at 2008-2010 over 515000 non profits 5013c corps in the united states, our houses of God, hang around one in a few weeks if you love the Lord will make you angry and want to cry at the same time
    This place is so shot out, and come march 2013 it will be nothing more than a place for me to drive by I'm moving. We have a lawyer that is hired by the city that dictates his version of the written law and people just lay down when he speaks, because they know he has city money backing him. A governor that could care less that any of you lived or died because as few as you are your vote means nothing.
    Why vote when this is taking place?
    This town needed a three person switch in city counsel to keep things fair for everyone, A promise does not give a person keys to city funds or when they have committed crimes the right to handle evidence of their own acts. This just builds up to be too much.
    If you are so bored that causing a city to work in nothing but shame and continual drama, you need to read the 50th of psalm, You ask for forgiveness and pray pray pray pray.
    HE is not altogether like you, and this mocking of God will not go unanswered, Words can not be found to say how I feel about the use of prayers then turn around and openly do things as you have done,
    I will pray and ask that God brings forth something to get this towns attention, those who are letting this happen and in other parts or of Arizona who sit and do nothing to protect our rights, and convict those who have taken their vows for granted also manipulated, twisted our laws for loopholes to overrun the rights and behavior they should be upholding.
    Those who are innocent well I'll let God deal with judging, I just want this town to know The lord isn't to be used in corrupt activities or you as a way to do wrong and make it seem right!!!!!!!!!! It's not to late for ARIGHT
    Have you been visited by God lately with a word, or have you not noticed he is trying to talk to you?
    The Messenger

  5. I have been watching the actions of your town council for a while now and it seems to me that you folks have a hornets nest dumb as a rock criminal behavior types seated in your local govt. Then again as goes in all local elections the voter turn out is usually around 20% so that means mostly folks that have a warped since of how govt should work vote the jackasses in to local office!