Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Council attacks new member

Some comments on the subject courtesy of Facebook

    • Pam Wirkkala I spoke (a week ago or so, by phone) to Council woman Workman about my expectation the Council would censure her at it's first opportunity. The notice of which Mayor Foster is referring, I cannot find posted online, yet. It must be on a bulletin board only, at this time. An image of the Notice for an ad hoc committee meeting would be helpful for us who archive the Town's paper trail. The censure effort reportedly underway maybe for #1) Council woman Workman asking, at the JULY 24 Meeting, for Council woman Carol Kelley to recuse herself from a vote (view here: ) on an investigation item against a local property owner;; this was the only New Business item on the agenda. Council member Workman felt a conflict of interest might be perceived (purportedly involving Council woman Kelley's daughter having a prior land-lord tenant relationship with the property owner); and/or #2) Council woman Workman allegedly speaking 'out of order' (view here: ) during the comments part of the meeting, or any flimsy excuse they can concoct. As to issue #1, Council woman Workman was quickly accused by another of making a personal attack upon Kelley by way of Workman's statement of the basis for her request that Kelley recuse herself from the vote. The Minutes of this meeting can be viewed here NOTE: that there is NO mention in the Minutes of Workman asking Kelley to recuse herself from voting on the new business item, but there is a notation that Workman allegedly spoke "out of order" when, during the Reports/Announcements time of the meeting, Council woman Workman reported her findings and information regarding how public monies were ALREADY disbursed to the private investigators [hired to harass Brannan's list of PROFILED-citizens who voted in the May 15 election] before the Council was provided the information on a prior Consent Agenda as to the costs of the "private" investigation as to one of the checks being scrutinized by Council member Workman.

    • Jerry Davis Is there any information about the legitimacy of such a sub-committee? As a subset of the Council, an ad-hoc committee must be appointed during an open and public meeting with all Council members present and participating. Just getting together in the back room and inventing a sub-committee of your like-thinking buddies doesn't make it legitimate. As currently constituted, this body has no authority to do anything.
      9 hours ago ·

    • Jerry Davis As far as the open meetings law "violation" goes, the intent of the law is to prohibit the Council from debating and reaching consensus on an item that's not on the agenda. So. that contention falls on two grounds: first, in at least one case the checks were on the agenda, in the other, the member was asking a staff member for information on the status of an action the staff was asked to take. Second, there was no discussion among the members, there was no consensus, and there was no action taken.

      Vigorous debate is a valuable part of public meetings, the law is not intented to gag the members, just to make sure they don't try to take action on a topic the public hasn't been notified about.

      The real area of off-agenda discussion was that volunteered by the City Attorney with his long bloviating monolog on multiple unagendized topics.

      Bottom line, there's no public meetings violation. They've gotten so divorced from reality that they're now just making stuff up.

    • Pam Wirkkala She made the comment during the Reports/Announcement part of the Agenda. That is not a time in the meeting any action is taken. She could have said she was a new grandmother, and they still could try to mess with her. She's lucky Brannan didn't corner her in the hallway like he did Lizarraga back on May 22 and ask her, "You think you are Evita!". Maybe Pat's theme song should be: Don’t Cry for Me Quartzsite

    • Lori Martin A little biased isn't it' they broke how may open meeting violations and never 1 time did this to themselves i lost count on how many they broke
      3 hours ago ·

    • Thomas Fixer Nethken Wonder how many complaints would show up in an open records request to.the ag's office asking how for copies of OML complaint files on quartzsite.


  1. The fist thing is fisrt, brannan needs to find him another job and alex taff needs to be looked into.
    also ever job and the IRS needs to look into Quartszite completely, Also Brannan needs to be looked into for wrongful law pracite, And if found guilty we need to fined if hanging is still on the books in Arizona.

  2. I just found out about three houra ago by a retired IRS investigator, who lives right out side of Las Vegas, who now contracts for government and to other agencies
    You know all this money that the city lawyer Brannan says he is able to get as he pleads buy promise made by the city, it is B.S.
    There is "NO LAW" in America: in nothing, or in any way, that says under any title or any thing else written of America, All funding is managed and appropriated.
    And just to make sure I repeat just what this man told me out of his own words, A corporate city must stay within its guidelines within state and federal laws for budget,
    They have what you would call petty cash holdings for small purchasing and other small needs.
    There is no such account or privilege to accounts or the spending with out council approval.This is done as a Full majority by council, There is no great deal approval so we can just spend as we see fit or when we feel like it, or that we get these great big deals so don't have to ask for approval, It don't matter, and he said that's why these kinds of groups don't turn in budgets on time, in public or complete.
    You have all these people praising and trying to keep them in force or office we know why now, birds of a feather flock top gether. Any Lawyer that commits this act has committed a felony because they can not say they didn't know, and under federal law as he stated, if you know of this being done in a city don't call the FBI, Call the Deparment of Justice corruption unit.
    And don't stop till they are there in car loads, A attorney of any standard knows this is a great big NO NO!
    Just like I understood Brannan had in his hand the video of the assault with the "x" mayor, He knows that in any other place other that quartzsite would be obstruction of justice with knowlege of conflict.
    Sound to me like The state of Arizona will be sitting in front of a senate review very soon as this man said.
    A show you won't ever forget.

  3. Does any one know how many times ED foster was crossed during the meetings when he was mayor the last time and where was oregon during this meeting?
    Don't tell me he was bussy!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I cant see how workman did anything wrong she just asked a question. If the council hadn't stopped the citizens from having the freedom of speech at the meetings somebody would have asked the question. Someday we will have a city council that will listen to the citizens of Quartzsite won't that be nice.

    1. You need too find where their money is coming from under the table with vidio and where it is being kept with all on paper, vidio, audio and with whom are these epople and for what reason are they in bed together.
      Also remember to keep a eye on who you are around to find out who is delivering info.
      Like it or not it is the art of of war.

  5. Does Mark Orgeron get to be present at the city council meetings and why wasn't he present on August 1, I didn't see him on your video.
    Will someone tell him where the place is!!!!!!!
    Was my vote totally wasted? Mark, if you are not going to show up and speak up, why have we voted for you?
    I voted for Work Horses not Show Ponies, honesty and someone who will work for all of us here in quartzsite!!!
    ED, we need a update on where you are and where you stand, other wise what's the point, Pat don't have a chance around that bunch of demonic pack.
    And Branan, You need to put together a fund to purchase legal fees for if not to put him under a jail house at least put him on a real short leash.
    Even I know You can stand and talk all the rambling law text that You want, still, it don't mean it's written in stone or legal as you want it to be. I had two men laugh, who have over forty years in law, both laugh and say to one another all kinds of slang at his terminology and interpretation, one even took his hands and pointed his fingers up in the air and ran around his office, then said is he really getting away with this. I thought they were going to die from laughing. We need the phone to be ringing all day long to the feds, governor, senators, And their reply should be put on Youtube. Every day I watch men and women of the calling of the cloth turn to walk with them. And one day they will find out that it is not "ALRIGHT" As far as I am concerned, they can sacrifice things not given to them, I know I seem a little upset, but you're wrong, I am a lot upset, not a little.
    The people that has put themselves in harm's way to stand for you and vote for you Don't let them down,
    Some are giving up with the knowing that the word or title of American Citizens is purchased not and privilege by birth or by work by God means nothing this day and time.
    Don't let this be confirmed by you.
    Our prayers are for the city council of quartzsite to turn and become a standard for the rest of this country to want to be as such. Has our government still led by men of
    Thomas Jefferson, James Brick, Carol Anderson, Betsy Tate, or is all the great history been written here in this Nation

  6. This was an ad hoc committee - NOT a meeting of the council. My guess is that either Mark was not invited, or chose not to attend a meeting that was organized in complete violation of town code. Ed is meeting with his attorney in the morning, in preparation to file. It is unfortunate that there is now a price tag attached to the vote of the people. Ed was hoping to spare the town the expense, but the town clerk has failed to perform her statutory duty and issue Ed an election certificate. Brannan has offered no press release or legal justification. Have faith. Two candidates have been seated, and things are being done that cannot yet be disclosed.

    1. If the new council needs to learn how too deal with this group, I would be more than happy to teach help and train them in things that would turn the tables for good in Quartzsite City Coucil for good.
      There are ways to skin a cat you wouldn't even think of.

  7. When will Mr. Foster be able to take his seat as mayor? It looks like this city could be headed for real problems that will cost each citizen a lot of money. I have not heard of this type of actions taken by a city with out charges being filed. It is truly out of control. There is more than money at stake taking place in this town. If the voters can not have their wishes fullfilled then why was a vote even taken? This city government is out of control. Good luck citizens of Quartzsite.

  8. In the past six months I have had several conversations with many friends of my professional career.
    Once they heard the word Quartzsite it never failed, first the crazy look, the bizarre smile, then the question:
    Is it really true about how crazy the people that run Quartzsite really are, I mean, is the city government really that corrupt?
    I saw a very old friend this last week from Utah, He asked was this a political campaign maneuver or is this really happening?
    I told him that they are in court and they are spending thousands on court costs, and the city lost big ones in court Just the other day.
    He asked have I seen any of the DOJ in town, or as he put it have I seen any heavies in town, I told him twice:sitting in the library reading a book,and a couple of them parked back up in town.
    He said, the state will do something at certain times and the FBI are so slow and worried about maxing out the budget that by the time they get anything done half of those who committed the crimes have died from old age.
    He said, The D.O.J., Those are still head hunters, loyal and true to the oath they took to wear that badge.
    Then he said, everybody knows, once they go hunting, they don't come back without meat.
    He said if they have begun a investigation, You can bet that when they are through, Quartzsite will be sitting there looking stupid and talking to themselves, and everyone that played a role will know of their crimes.
    And punishment, it can last for years, just the court trials alone can be a prison sentence.
    He said, Salt lake city thought they could do to the people, there were lots of people who lost everything they had, millions.
    Some of the most richest and powerfuf people in about five western states went to prison. Money, there is no telling what they had to sell off just to keep from spending life in prison. You do not tamper with votes, city council seats, commit fraud and use government NCIC or other government services for your own agenda, Quartzsite, right when that city attorney thinks he has done his job and got away and he is so smart, You watch what happens, and it's going to hurt. So, keep your hope up and your head bowed in prayer, that justice will finally come and be served. GOD BLESS