Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quartzsite serves termination notice on police whistleblowers

Officers Dominguez, Norris, Yeomans, Frakes and Kemp, of the Quartzsite Police Department who filed complaints against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert in May have been given a letter of intent to terminate by the Town of Quartzsite today, for appearing in Federal Court on Friday, instead of being on "house arrest".  They were ordered to a termination hearing tomorrow, Sept 16th.

QPOA officers with Rep. Carl Seel, at Quartzsite Liberty Fest.


  1. I have a layman's question...Isn't house arrest illegal unless a crime was committed? Even as an employer, this type of requirement goes against all federal regulations. If these statements are true, wouldn't all officers be able to sue for their jobs back as well as compensation?

  2. Jennifer,
    Did all of the remaining officers of the Q-8 get terminated? I had that two of them were given notice of termination yesterday. I'm shocked that Al Johnson waited until Thursday to do this. Since the federal judge didn't issue a new TRO against the Town of Quartzsite, Johnson took this opportunity to terminate them now. I hope this action will eventually be reversed by the courts. Hang in there Q-8.
    BTW, I have been locked out from posting on the Supporters of Mayor Ed Foster Facebook page, even though I am very much a supporter of Ed Foster and the Q-8.

  3. Yes, it's not technically hose arrest, as ordered by the court, just ordered by Assistant Town Manager Al Johnson. I won't speculate on what their lawyers will do in response to this reckless move, or how angry the federal judge might be, but town officials have noticed all remaining officers, so it's officially a civil rights/wrongful termination case now, not just a restraining order request!

  4. Ooops! "HOUSE arrest"! My keyboard sticks...

  5. In some exceptional cases, it is possible for a person to be placed under house arrest without trial or legal representation, with restrictions on who they can associate with. In some cases this has led to criticism, in which it is argued that this type of detention breaches the offender's human rights. In countries with authoritarian systems of government, such measures may be politically motivated to stifle dissent.

    In other words it can be use to silent the innocent, repress the truth and kill the spirit of being free.

  6. Thanks for the update Jennifer. Al Johnson just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. Now it's definitely a wrongful termination case.

  7. OMG! What moron came up with that reason? I hope it wasn't a lawyer.

  8. They are on PAID administrative suspension. Since they are being paid, the employer can dictate their "workplace" during working hours. Usually their home is the designated "workplace", and they must be there from 8 AM to noon and 1 PM to 5 PM. If they have to leave for some reason, they need permission from the supervisor designated in the suspension letter and may have to take vacation/comp hours or sick time for that time "off".

  9. The more I read the updates to the stupidity on going on in your city, I get the feeling that a lot of elderly folks in your community just don't give a flying piss how your community is governed! Thus the Idiots vote a good honest man(Ed Foster) out of office to be replaced by the same ol dumb shit, buffoonish, moronic behavior, twisted elected thugs as you already have! The officers that are doing the RIGHT thing by speaking out against unlawful behavior are being railroaded by a wanna-be police chief that thinks he is hot shit but in my view NOTHING but a chicken neck punk in a blue uniform! No wonder Americans are losing respect for men and women in blue more and more! With this type of thuggish behavior on going in your face by your police chief and your elected representatives backing the thug up, it's a wonder you folks are not already in a full blown police state lock down with dusk to down curfews!

  10. The problem is, they should never have been placed on administrative leave. They did nothing wrong to deserve that. Also, they had to go to court in Flagstaff just like Gilbert, Taft, and Johnson did. They shouldn't be terminated because went to court.

  11. It looks as though Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is still asleep at the switch when it comes IMHO, to crimes of “High Treason” in Quartzsite Arizona! Could Mr. Horne be not only part of the problem, but also part of what most Quartzsite Citizens feels is another political cover up?

    More Quartzsite Police Officers that are part of the Quartzsite-10 were reported fired Friday for reporting not only alleged criminal activity by Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert but clear violations of Civil Rights in attempts to protect members of the Quartzsite Council, Town manager Alex Taft, Asst-Manager/Code Enforcement Al Johnson and other members of the QPD that support Chief Jeff Gilbert!

    Let me introduce to you QPD Officers J.C. Kemp who was fired this last Friday and one of the Quartzsite-10. He served four years with the La Paz County Sheriffs office as a Deputy before being hired by the Town of Quartzsite. Officer Kemp is not only lucky at having a wonderful wife but the joys of being a father when on the early morning of May 19, 2007 God intervened in this young officers life.

    During the traffic stop of a motor home that morning, Gregory Allen “Groundhog” Cole opened fired on Officer Kemp with a modified AR-15 making it fully automatic. Officer Kemp’s patrol vehicle was disabled taking out his radio, door look release, and computer system forcing the wounded officer to escape from the passenger’s side of the vehicle!

    One bullet was slowed down by hitting the portable radios microphone keeping it from reaching Kemp’s heart! Officer Kemp was airlifted to Phoenix and later returned to Quartzsite to start his recovery and with time return to protecting the Citizens of Quartzsite, Arizona only to be fired for reporting the alleged criminal misconduct by Chief Jeff Gilbert.

    Please take the time to re-read or for many here, reading for the fist time, former QPD Officer J.C. Kemps statements in regards to his personal observations about Chief Jeff Gilbert. Contact and DEMAND that the Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne stop the cover ups by convening a “Special Grand Jury” where all evidence, witnesses, and testimony can be heard and allow the chips fall where they may.

    QPD Officer J.C. Kemp:

    Paul Staudt
    Quartzsite Constable (2008-2010)

    Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne
    1275 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926
    (602) 542-5025 or (800) 352-8431
    Fax (602) 542-4085