Friday, September 2, 2011

Quartzsite videographer arested in town hall

Another critic of Quartzsite officials has been jailed in what appears to be retaliation. Local Realtor Doug Gilford has gained notoriety as the blogger and videographer who filmed the unlawful removal of Desert Freedom Press Publisher Jennifer Jones, from a June 28th town council meeting. The video has been viewed over two hundred thousand times on Gilford's YouTube channel.

Yesterday afternoon, around 3:30 Gilford was at the counter in Town Hall, filing an open records request for town hall feed surveillance tape when Assistant Town Manager Al Johnson confronted Gilford.  Apparently feeling threatened, Gilford set his camera on the counter but didn't hit record, when suddenly Johnson snatched it from across the counter. When Gilford called for police assistance, he ended up being arrested instead of Johnson.

Gilford was booked into the La Paz County jail on charges of harassment, trespassing, and false reporting to law enforcement. He was released on $500 bond. Mayor Ed Foster and Doug's wife Teri picked him up at time around 8pm last night.

Since filming the now infamous Jennifer Jones video, Doug Gilford has been assaulted with a barrage of misdemeanor charges. He was charged with three counts of harassment and noticed to turn himself into the La Paz County Jail for asking Councilman Winslow a question about the town council's failure to put embattled Police Chief Jeff Gilbert on administrative leave, following criminal allegations by 80% of his department.

When Gilford showed up at his arraignment this week, he was informed that he was being charged with ten additional misdemeanors for harassment, disorderly conduct and false reporting to law enforcement, for complaints he had filed against town officials. He will be arraigned on all thirteen charges on September 13th, at 10am,  in the Quartzsite Magistrate Court, under Judge Karen Slaughter.

Gilford has been for driving around town with a large sign directed at the Quartzsite Town Council that reads: "GO QUIT RESIGN!"

He has no prior criminal history, and is best known for his volunteer work with the homeless with his wife Teri.

For more information, follow Doug's blog at:


  1. You folks have some REAL FREAKING MORONIC public officals in your township.Some corrupt control freak wanna-be cops to boot! Talk about dumb in blue.......Sheeeeesh!

    1. You haven't seen anything, It was this spring 2012 that I found out why a noose was hanging and who it belonged to. When the show crank up I had just moved Into south La posa camping area west side when a black Woman and her cats come to camp right up from my camp and quickly I noticed a noose had been hung in a old dead tree for it to be clearly seen by her.
      It annoyed me, but I knew it wouldn't hold air if anything took place concerning it.
      Lo and behold" if a BLM staff truck didn't show up at my camp and while chatting with me a lady or should I say woman came over and ask the man who was driving the BLM camp truck did he want his rope back.
      Then she came back and give it to him and his wife and I mention that in the United states they have a thing about 13 rounds on a noose, the man BLM staff member quickly told me that was what it was for and that he had been a prison guard for twenty or thirty years and he had earned the right to be racist.
      The whole town is like this, and the Feds, the DOJ,
      The state nor Navy intell will do anything to slow it down.
      The Governor must be racist or they wouldn't stand for that crap one second. A Man is a Man when you fall and he comes back to pick you up and drag you home.
      He don't give and then rights you off on his taxes and lets everyone what he did. This place you wouldn't believe what I have seen. When you share what you have in secret with the public instead of giving it to the local mission you are thought of as worthless, What little did they know, I was giving to them to.
      You people have got too pray that something comes over this town that makes all examine "themselves"
      Because they are so quick to tell you what your doing wrong how bad you are living and how they work for free and how little they have and not a one walks or rides cheap. Don't for get to pray for this town and ask God in Jesus name too let the glory of GOD be shown.
      Sign, CONFUSED, what is the right way?.

  2. Sue the cops individually.

  3. One more thing. I wouldn't be calling the cops for things like this. I would be going down to the JP filing simple assault charges.

  4. Mental defective Joe Winslow should immediately resign for the good of Quartzsite.

  5. I am an outsider that has thought many times about wintering in your town. This scares me. I know these things can happen and abhor the insanity of it all. I'm going to do my own investigating before I concider longer than a weeks stay, if that. Sorry, but these things should never happen and I don't want to be around it.