Friday, November 18, 2011

vol 1 issue 19

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  1. Regarding the Rumor Mill thing about Medical Marijuana. The key point in that is "Visitors." Meaning, you cannot be an Arizona Resident with a California Card. You have to be a a visitor of this state. Also, your reasons for getting the card has to qualify with Arizona's standards to buy from a dispensary. Meaning, your "condition" has to be one that qualify in Arizona. So the 19 years olds who buy a CA card for "insomnia" or "anxiety" don't qualify.

    Plus the card has to be legitimate, and there needs to be a way of verifying it is legit. Many of CA's medical "cards" are just signed pieces of paper or laminated home made cards with no verification procedures. If you have one of these out of state cards with no verification, expect to get a ticket and have to prove it is valid in court. I recommend visitors who want to bring their weed to AZ only get out of state cards from legitimate sources that have online verification procedures.