Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Burke orders Foster seated as Mayor

“We told them months ago that their action was illegal. This has cost the Town of Quartzsite a lot of money, if you look at Mark’s [Orgeron] fees, and the voter fraud investigation, and my legal fees. We need to now go about putting Quartzsite back on track.” Ed Foster told Parkerlive Online.

After vigorous argument from both attorney's, Judge Burke agreed with Foster's attorney Julie La Benz and ruled that the controversial ordinance was in fact illegal, and they council had exceeded their authority in disqualifying Foster. He added that even if Ordinance 2-1-10 were legal, he did not see that Foster could be legitimately disqualified because of it.

Ironically, at last night's "Meet the Candidates", sponsored by the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, candidate for County Attorney Dan Field (who had drafted 2-1-10 to exclude former Mayor Steve Bennet from holding office when Field was Quartzsite Town Attorney) defended the legality of the ordinance stating "it was even precleared by the Justice Department". Glen Buckalew, one of Field's opponents in the November 6th election countered that the ordinance violated Arizona Law and the Arizona Constitution.

Foster was ordered to be seated by October 23rd. He was elected 5 months earlier and should have been sworn in on May 22nd, but the sitting council (including officials who had been voted out) voted to disqualify Foster.  The Town Council voted 4-2 last week to reject a settlement deal agreed to by both attorneys in the case and the taxpayers will now be on the hook for the additional legal fees.



  2. Why would someone who believes in God and wants to bless this Country, why would you do it anonymously? Are we so far gone, are we so afraid of what our neighbors might think of us that we have to ask for God's blessings anonymously? I'm afraid so. The descent in America is just about over and the impact will be horrific.

  3. Thank God now can he fire our cookef chief and his girlfriend Sgt Garcia . And return this town back to the good people who live here

    1. How is he supposed to do that? He and Workman are 2 votes. The majority of the council has made it clear that they like the crooked chief and his girlfriend Garcia. If you recall, Al Johnson fired the chief and the council freaked out, that's why they got Bruno in there so fast, so that they could undo the firing of the chief. How is Foster going to fix that? Some people have it in their minds that the title "mayor" magically bestows a tremendous amount of power into a person. The people who have (or want, as in Lukkeson's case) the title seem to think it makes them omnipotent. It doesn't. Get a grip people, I'm glad they will seat Foster tomorrow, but try to be realistic about his actual power.