Saturday, October 6, 2012

Councilwoman Pat Workman 's 2nd Ad Hoc

    A notice of possible quorum of the Quartzsite Town Council was not posted for Tuesday's "Ad Hoc" ethics meeting, yet all members of the Town Council were present while action that is to come before the council on October 9th was discussed. Councilpersons Carol Kelly and Mark Orgeron listened from the audience, as did the subject of the meeting, Councilwoman Pat Workman. This is the second such attack on Workman by her fellow members of council since she took office in June of this year.
    In a meeting where it was expected that members of the Ad Hoc would "review complaint and recommend action" against Workman, there was no actual discussion. Councilman Mike Jewitt read a report by an unlicensed "private investigator", and a prepared speech was given by Councilwoman Norma Crooks. It was not clear who had written their statements or how the participating members had come to a consensus over recommending that Workman be censured for an alleged breach of a "confidential" document.
    There was no evidence presented against Workman, no reference to any written legal opinion that the document in question was actually confidential, and no mention of any video or audio recording from Interim Town Manager Laura Bruno's office to substantiate the hearsay levied against Workman.
    Citizens left the meeting wondering how yet another private investigator was hired without official council approval and at what cost, in a matter in which the town manager herself was the custodian of the document.

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  1. Un-Incorparate NOW? Stop screwing around Quartzsite. Since Jeffy Gilbert, Herr Gilbert, was reinstated I've had 4, FREAKING F-O-U-R visits from Quartszsite's worst. Last night being the latest. So much for Traitor Orgeron's warning to Dilbert to stay out of politics. What is one to do when a crooked Chief of Police is untouchable, or thinks he is?