Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mayor Ed Foster finally seated!

Over five months after the people of Quartzsite elected Edward Foster back into office, the Quartzsite Town Council caved in to a Writ of Mandamus issued by La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke and seated the Foster as Mayor. His oath of office was administered by Municipal Court Judge Lawrence C. King. Foster chaired the remainder of the meeting, which included voting Councilman Michael Jewitt in as Vice Mayor.
The appeals court is currently considering whether to remove Jewitt from office, in an election challenge brought by John Prutch. The case has been given expedited consideration and a ruling is expected any day now.


  1. Fantastic! Regarding the corruption you folks have had to deal with out there, as I have said from the start, "Not in my Arizona!" You all deserve top honors for sticking with this and fighting the good fight. Now, will he be receiving back pay for this??

    High five!
    Kelly Townsend

  2. Truth and justice finally prevailed at last.
    A blow against corruption and political malfeasance.

  3. Great! Concerning the file corruption error an individual individuals experienced to cope with on the market, when i possess mentioned right away, "Not necessarily during my Az!" All of you should have best recognizes with regard to keeping this kind of and also battling the nice combat. Today, is he going to end up being getting again buy this kind of??