Friday, August 24, 2012

Quartzsite Council calls special Saturday meeting

Newly seated Quartzsite , AZ Councilman Mark Orgeron, Councilwoman Carol Kelly, and illegally appointed Councilwoman Norma Crooks have signed to convene a special meeting of the common council, tomorrow, Saturday, August 25th, at 4 pm.  However, Town Clerk Terry Frausto reportedly refused to post the notice, forcing at least one council member and others to post them on the public bulletin boards around town. Town employees may have promptly taken them down.

The surprise move comes in the wake of two press releases, one from Town Manager Alexandra Taft, which stated that she had placed scandal plagued Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Sgt. Fabiola Garcia on administrative leave without explanation, and the other  from Chief Gilbert stating that he had been "exonerated" and that Attorney General Tom Horne had refused to prosecute him for undisclosed crimes.

The agenda for the meeting contains two items. One is to discuss taking action against the town manager, and the other is to possibly reinstate the police chief.

Town Manager Taft has reportedly had the locks changed at Town Hall and the Police Department. Sources say that the meeting will take place on the steps of Quartzsite Town Hall, as staff is not expected to unlock the building. 

The Town issued the following press release today:



  1. The drama continues...

    Why don't they put Town Manager Alexandra Taft and EX-(disgraced) Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Sgt. Fabiola Garcia in the police station and then change the locks.... and reverse them. Last one standing gets tarred and feathered and run out of town.

    Fantasies aside, it is probably best that the legal system (as slow and inept as it has proved to be) takes care of this matter. But, it give great pleasure to visualize the above.

    Keep up the pressure! They will pop eventually.

    1. Mark, You know know better!, And being a teacher you have got to show these people what honor is and there is a way to do things right and proper.
      This town is under a magnifying glass,The whole United States is watching Quartzsite and every law enforcement Agency.
      This isn't a back room whispering thing for the gossiper of Quartzsite any more, it is national thing now.
      Don't give Alex and her crew any thing what so ever to shut you out or down.
      They know every illegal tactic and got Brannan teaching and polishing them and makes sure they can look innocent while punishing you for any little statement or action. It is happening, Law enforcement has got to make a show over this and can't be a slap on the hand.
      People are going to jail and people are going to loose their assets, this is a fact.

    2. How much was the council fined and when are the cuoncil members leaving their seated chair for their illegal meetings before the elections??

    3. This just goes to show when you stand up their praying and the do the dirt that has been done,
      "God want be mocked or played a fool"
      """"Oh what a Mighty God we serve!!!!!!!!"""""
      Prayer try it!!!!, it works!!!
      Praise God!!!!!!!!
      Thank You lord!!!!!!

  2. This seems nothing than a sneaky way from the scum bag team of Brannan and Taff team of crooked club.
    Change the locks, use the Town employees to may have promptly taken notices down from bulletens.
    I think it stinks, You can fight, you bunch of under handed corrupt bunch of people.
    But, there is one thing for sure it's not going away they've got your scent and their hunting you down.
    Don't worry, it will all come out in the wash.
    Love getting to see the hand of justice snatch those who think they have every loop hole and every trick in the book get caught. I will be so happy buying a US today paper with on the front page seeing Taff, Brannan and that team on their way in front of a panel.
    Don' give them room to breath, don't let up and don't just get them, take them all out of government and put them in jail where they belong.