Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Council ousts town manager today
Quartzsite Town Manager Alex Taft was placed on administrative leave today by a majority of the Quartzsite Common Council. The details were discussed in executive session, behind closed doors.
Taft is going to remain on the payroll, but must hand over keys and other town property while on leave. She will be checking in with the Town each morning from home (Town Attorney Martin Brannan said Taft is moving house at the moment so may be in one of two places during work hours).
No public reason was given for the Town’s action today, which came less than 2 hours after a signed restraining order from La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke, which barred the council’s actions on the original agenda. There was some exchange between councilman Mark Orgeron and Brannan as they argued about whether they could even convene in executive session.
The special meeting lasted a total of approximately one hour.


  1. One down, about twenty to go. And, go they shall. Good riddance.

  2. La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke, Brannan,Quartzsite Town Manager Alex Taft and who else is next that will be put in the light?
    Don't get me wrong, this is one of the best start of house cleaning I've seen in a long time!
    Council needs to understand, great opposition from dark corners is coming.
    My advise,don't get tired and don't let them shake you. As for the people of Quartzsite Arizona, You have got a crew of honor and a base plate for them to work from, Mark Oregon, who can comprehend legal terms for Quartzsite this would be your dream team.
    I believe at this time, Brannan has come to respect Mark for his intelligence and abilities.
    I think for the first time Alex Taft is aware that this isn't her town she is managing, it is the peoples town she is managing.
    As a manager she sucks twenty million in debt, what the hell is she thinking, for myself that is more than enough to send her down the road talking to herself.

  3. "WOW!" This reminds me of the republican party when the People voted Clinton in office.
    The people had voted the republicans in and those morons thought they could do whatever they wanted without being questioned.
    Clinton wasn't much better but a statement had to be made and was made by the people.
    I remember that on skits on Saturday Night Live, they were at a bar, looking into their drink and saying what the hell happened.
    What happened was this, the people were sick and tired of being ignored and the politicians were running a muck.
    Right now in the United States Capital the same thing is going on at tis very moment.
    And the people are watching us here in Quartzsite saying lets get rid of those in those positions.
    But this time media don't get to deside who we vote for, I wanted Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul to fill the next presidential possition, to me that would have been a dream team.
    A Man of unbelievable intelligence and a Man of extra morals and honor with truth.
    Yes, one of our national past times is feuding with one another here, but we in our hearts are all rednecks, every one of us, no matter the creed or race, it doesn't matter the difference.
    A true redneck is the working class of this country, when first used as a label, that label was of honor. We always had a thought of I can cuss my neighbor but to the rest of the world you can't. Today, talent is replaced with scams schemes and loop holes, so words are used in a play but always a back door is there to be used when someone tries to hold someone to what they say. If you are reading this and wish to be apart of the greatest movement in the United States of America, please reply to this email below!
    Lets replace our government with only those who will protect our constitution, property, jobs people and only do what they say.
    A new site is in the works for Facebook to be a foundation to begin the process of this project coming soon.
    Every type of person is needed for help so don't think twice about emailing me, lets sit down and talk about which way this campaign should take place! email address;

    House cleaning, long overdue!
    If Quartzsite would just stop with this 'everybody get rich and look at me' crap!
    Quit with the pie in the sky and don't ask for a bunch of wisdom crap to use!
    Praying for all this wisdom, and not understanding or common sense or examining ones self.
    That is what happened to Quartzsite.
    Don't get me wrong, we needed the sidewalks, but the price we paid was way too much.
    I hear Quartzsite is in deep debt right now,
    Alex Taft doesn't know how to operate within a line of common sense.
    She doesn't want to answer for anything or to anyone, and only has her own agenda in mind, and how she sees it.
    This alone is grounds for termination on her performance.
    I'm not sure how munch her salary pay is, but I think I heard that it's twice as much as it should be. The debt, the conflict in town, always a scandal going on, nothing on paper, it's crap.
    I am sure they could get just what they need for half what she was paid in salary and perks.
    Right now!!! If the town of Quartzsite, being at where it is right now, would cut permits and knock off on taxes all the way around.
    And let up with this hunger for when a business can be operated the town would come back.
    The most stupid thing I ever heard in my life is the restriction of how long a business can open here in the town of Quartzsite each year.
    Whoever thought up and whoever went along with it, is a absolute retard! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??
    Our shows are pitiful, a disgrace, what gets me is, couldn't city council and town manager not know when you run off the festival, jack up the prices and use the police like a gestapo, all you have left are people looking for a way out and still keep a few things to take with them?
    Do you not think people are going to talk?
    I can't say who it is because of them needing a low profile in their life, but, in 2010 the largest group of bond investors in the U.S. had one of their own handled while recovering from hip replacement surgery handle carelessly in this town.
    Basically, that encounter cut the throat of this town.
    Money donated by before this happen to them to put toward a swimming pool GONE, it went to the general fund, yeah right! Where is it Alex Taft?
    Alex Taft thought she could run wild in this town and just jack up the price on everything and it would pay for her bad practices.
    She needs to be let go of because of so much debt not getting paid off, why isn't she hedging water systems for rain storms?
    They are here all the time, it's not like it hasn't happened before.
    Stop with the destruction of the festival and ease up on the vendors, bring back the people.
    Booth rentals are getting way overpriced for vendors, I wait for them to leave so they will give me good deals for gas money so they get out of town so they won't spend what little they made here. To the town of Quartzsite WAKE UP!!!!!

    1. Martin Brannan seems to be playing both sides of the fence, that is a very dangerous person, that kind of person would burn this town with all of you in it just for a pay check. Where I;m from that's what we call anybodys dog "that'al" hunt withum, that, where I'm from means no moral, no grit in their craw and just plain old no dam good. I;m going to pray for him that the lord will touch his heart and call him to the botherhood. I know what I see, but I'm wrong?
      I can look through this towns management and see dozens of reason dismissal on performance.
      Why is people so out to run a muck on debt and group up together in private places to gossip start trouble and do nothing to repair or fix anything?
      Our older men act like at bunch of cackling hens.

    2. You know, I agree with that one person who commented about Alex Taft, why isn't she just fired and why is she getting paid?
      It seems she has been paid more than she is worth, where did she went to school?, I wondered if they mention anything about budgeting there?
      They should have, from her record alone is ground of termination, taking her to court and suing her for fraud and reckless endangering of a town and it's people: talking about high on glue or something?
      And these people murmuring, they are why you can't hear any thing there during the meetings.
      what is really funny to me is a clear sign of hypocrites, they pray then as soon as Amen is said, you can look at every face in the crowd turn to the face of a evil demon. Sooner or later God is going to call in the debt for mocking Him in prayer!!!!

  5. Just look at the sorry, defeated face on Quartzsite Town EX-Manager Alex Taft. The karma from all the crimes and corruption committed are catching up. She's the first lemming of a whole pack of rats. Bye-bye, and watch that last step. It's a real doozy.

    Yes. 20-12 comes to Quartzsite Crooks. Film at 11:00.

  6. Have you heard this slogan that was said for the six or seven years we are taking the town back? They took it and put it millions in debt, ran off all the vendors who were here for years, everything built here in this time over priced and never ending repairs. Over inflated salaries, honestly, it seems like you couldn't see this for gossip back stabbings, harassment and for what? It shows wanted power but, they didn't have the couth, honor nor the ability to know what class is or where class comes from to use.
    When I was a kid I would work with a man who didn't smoke, he often hired guys that smoked, He would say, now I don't smoke so if you roll the window down in the truck you you can smoke in truck I don't care. I'm gonna die from my wife spending to much money, HEY" HEY" and just laugh.
    God blessed that man, from a carpenter, trapper, fish all night to feed his family to now one of the richest around. Why did that man get blessed in such a way, his heart, he has a big heart.
    Listening to the council meetings or just in town when a group that gets together, what comes out of that group makes me sad to know these are the upstanding citizens of this town.
    I wasn't raised to talk like that or act like that and I try to watch what I say to keep it from being a part of me.
    My family isn't is this great bunch of people but, if you wanted to be welcome around them and their family you will behave yourself like a gentleman or lady.
    I know most can't understand what I'm trying to say or get across to you, but I'm praying for you.

  7. Isn't it funny how people can't handle being called on their b.s.? What's really funny is watching the back door, back room bunch sneaking around beaten but still running their mouth and trying their best to save face, Here's their sign=STUPID!!!
    When competition is in a group of anything, the group becomes wealthy, healthy and wise and that is a FACT!!!
    The powers that be or should I say have been don't have the smarts to understand this. If you are the only store and business in tow why do people want to come hear but, if their is many stores in town why do people want to go to that town? The management of this town is so ignorant they can't understand this. I remember in the hottest part of the summer years ago when people would come every day to shop in the rock stores with wet towels rapped around their heads.
    But the people that got in rule don't understand this town and killed the towns economy.
    Anyone who will say different don't know,
    How do I know, I've been coming to this town or been apart of this town since 1986 and been coming through this town since 1974. You can live in anther part of of Arizona and still not understand Quartzsite.
    I got two points that will help this town, One watch those who wist to rule and take advantage of every body and put them in jail every chance you get and fine them to where it takes a large chunk of their wealth and assets.
    Two, any chance someone is willing to open a business, help them don't hender them. And stop with the high taxes, be aware of some want make it because of the cards, just don't help the cards.

  8. I got a call from a trusted source in Parker that Alex Taft and QPD officer Rick Paterson are seen as a couple together up there. Paterson's making a move for Chief's job!

  9. We keep voting in new people hiring new people and we go from bad to bad, from the west end of town to the east end of town, north to south the whole thing sink of every kind of corruption underworld crime, theft, rough shot and just plain old low down theives.
    but still we want do anything to get rid of this till now.
    Guess what I seen friday here in town, heavy weights= D.O.J., And the D.O.J don't come back from hunting till they are finished and always come home with meat.
    No reason to run or hide, it is to late, they wouldn't be here if they didn't have enough to make arrest.
    I was told the other day this town lives for corruption and illegal activities, a real town of Sodom and it is just a matter of time before God's wrath comes to know this town.
    I believe in the next year if this isn't make right we will see some of our riches, upstanding and oldest citizens of quartzsite face what is long over dew.

  10. BOY!, There sure is a lot of people and saying what's on their mind, what a mind at that, What I would do if I was able to decide the fate of Quartzsite is, cut taxes by 30 percent all the way across the board concerning city taxes.
    Then Make a law for the city that if you hire any one and get caught paying less the legal minimum wage, You loose your business license for ten years and can not run a business in the city of Quartzsie for ten years and a one million dollar fine and must be paid with in 90 days or seizes and liquidation of asset in ten days after time has expired for payment of fine is dew.
    Yearly city budget and it balanced.
    Cut back on city personnel to maintain budget.
    A bid for city management positions. Like manager position.
    Donated money like what was donated to the swimming pool fund is put in a separate account and on a quarter report it is listed and it's amount and public accessible.
    Twenty five percent of town taxes must go to paying off city deb, all the time. When debt is paid the twenty five percent in banked, All money that can't be accounted for will be recover by those who had access to the money by seizing their personal assets and liquidating then garnishing their income till paid debt.
    Really, Don't build anything new until all that is underway completed and inspected. As a town manager, put in the classified that we are looking for a retired IRS agent, they could keep up with the numbers and would be frugal also, use common sense and pay half what is being paid now in salary.
    Also put a law in affect that all stores must pay taxes on equipment and products that have to be taxed to use and not sold. some are using this front as a tax write-off on their private collections.
    Other than that cancel all laws that forbid businesses the right to stay open year around or 24/7 hours.

    1. Does any body know what Alex Taft said when they were going in executive session, she got up and said something to Mark then went into the back room.
      I'm thinking we might need to watch Mark back to see he is o.k, can't never tell what could happen.
      Remember when they tried to kill the Mayor here, had a hitman running around here what I hear.
      But that was O'ham in that wasn't it, I don't know,So many tale totters and master liars around here.
      I've come to notice any body here in this town is a crook or they wouldn't live here.

  11. BOY, Anonymous. How long you been planning your fiefdom? Is that you wes? Do you miss the "power highs" you used to get?