Monday, August 27, 2012

Special council meeting at 3 pm tomorrow?

It's on, it's's back on again, for tomorrow. No, it's not? Rumors are coming in that La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke has issued temporary injunctions to the members of the Quartzsite Council, preventing them from attending tomorrow's special meeting, posted below. Stay tuned...information will be made available as I have it.


  1. I worked for 25 years as a on-site solutionist, you can hit a zone site and hear every type of reason why a problem is hindering progress and keeping the project being behind schedule.
    I would skip the talk and bs and just ask for performance journals.
    They leave a trail of why there is a problem and where the problem is every time.
    This is a free lesson to city council,
    Stop accepting these statements of bubbling barrels of bs. and find out why and what did this service also,dose it need to be and what has it done in and on paper: don't take the babblings of some one, "Demand to see it on paper."
    And hold those accountable for what they have said to assure you why this was done, then find out what is the connection between them: and if there is money, services or golden shutes waiting on them. I keep seeing this ring of people always or something that says this is bigger than Taff and Brannan, this thing, looks like it run from Parker through Quartzsite all the way to the state level and even on a corprate level.
    I believe we are involved in something more than a little curruption, time will tell if the people keep the pressure on And remember those of the law must be held to the highest point of prosecution."No Plea bargains and if the judge give them a break always remember where they lives to make sure to blow your horn any time you ride by his or her house day or night,No rest for the wicked.

  2. The city council of old and the good old boys of their game can't stand having anyone to have a say. Dictators? I like them with salt and fried extra crispy with ketchup and fried chicken, with good!!!! suthun cathead biscuits.
    and sliced cantaloupe lightly seasoned with black pepper and salted.
    With rich dark good ice tea.
    No really, thank you guys for sticking up for us, Love you

  3. Why would this special council meeting at 3;pm be tampered with, by La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke??
    Why is there a temporary injunctions to the members of the Quartzsite Council, preventing them from attending tomorrow's special meeting?
    Am I missing something or does this have "MAJOR CORRUPTION WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!!???
    When a person is running for a seat of what ever, I always hear them say I am going to work for the people, Or I'm working for the people.
    This means answering to the people, that means standing before the people.
    Most elected make up the question or get their friends to ask them question or their followers questions. I think it should be held just to see how many want to be on a level of upstanding and forthright in coming.
    To me, this is and La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke is slapping the public in the face at every level!
    Poor, Rich, Young and Old, and I believe that Taff and Brannan have a buddy system and group pulling this crap against the people.
    Can I prove it, Let's see what is the out of this hunt, can I prove it, just look at what is going on, who is trying to avoid or swerving?
    Lets all all prey that the supporter of this group wake up and pull their heads out of the bs.

  4. The thrift store lady has a look like she knows something is wrong, look at the look on her face.
    A honest person can't endure this kind of behavior and live with themselves long.

  5. I like what I read and agrea with it, where is the mayor and why hasn't he been seated?