Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ausust issue of the Desert Freedom Press, vol 1 issue 14


  1. The town council video was another sign of pure unadulterated criminality by these creeps. If they had any decency they would resign in disgrace and shame today. There is a very special place in Hell for people like this and their disregard for the people they swore to protect.

    It is impossible to believe the total disregard for the rights of the Mayor and the people in these actions. Is there so much fluoride in our water that everyone on the council is acting like a dumbed down idiot? I noticed that alex is drinking bottled water, what does she know about the water in town?

    Alex was so nervous, it looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown, maybe she just needed a drink. And Joe, he was the only smart one staying away from this atrocity. He may be crazy, but he is not stupid, probably prior military experience kept him out of a known bad situation. It is easy to feel the anger and contempt of the town’s people just watching the video.

    Ask yourself these questions:
    Who or what organization is pulling the strings on these people?
    What is the town lawyer doing, once again setting town ordinances and virtually controlling these meetings?

    The council members had no questions on such a complex ordinance change, really? Again we have a unanimous vote without any dialogue! This issue was not open to discussion of by the people of the town on such a large issue. They have been and without change will continue to work for outside interests, certainly not the town’s best interest.

    The Mayor was very smart to recuse himself from any action in this meeting. You are a very cool person under fire, Sir. These are perfect qualifications to be Mayor of Quartzsite, where the rest of the leadership is a bunch of braying Jackasses.

    The lawyer can walk away from any legal responsibility and prison because he just recommended action and had no authority in its passing. The rest are headed to some healthy lawsuits and prison time because they do have they do have the authority. Fools!

    Should be an interesting weekend in Quartzsite, see you all there. Active and former military, police and federal agents will be there by the hundreds, maybe thousands. I suddenly feel a lot safer in Quartzsite.

  2. FYI-Scottsdale police officer Geremia had his certification revoked by AZPOST for illegally using a police computer for personal reasons.The story was in the Arizona Republic on Sunday 8-28 ,Section B ,page 2.