Friday, August 5, 2011

The "terrorists" are coming? August 27th and 28th, 2011

Do these Americans look like terrorists to you? Apparently, they look like a "terrorist" threat to Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. According to his own statements at Wednesday's "coffee with cops" Gilbert has reported the upcoming "occupation" of Quartzsite by the Tea Party and the Oath Keepers to the "FBI and any other agency that would listen".

Patriots from around the nation will arrive Saturday August 27th for "Quartzsite Liberty Festival", a peaceful show of support for The Quartzsite Police Officers Association "whistle blowers", Mayor Ed Foster, and the oppressed citizens of the town. 

According to the Oath Keepers website, "Oath Keepers will muster, along with the Sons of Liberty Riders, the Sons of Liberty, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign For Liberty, and numerous other patriot/Constitutionalist groups". A FaceBook page states that the Ron Paul group "Arizona R3volution", and the USA Riders have also RSVP'd for the event.

Local merchants are already making plans to accommodate the much needed boost to the economy. The real question is, what will Quartzsite chose to show the world? Will citizens join together in solidarity for a peaceful and patriotic weekend? Or will our guests be greeted by riot police?


  1. Just more from the Jeff Gilbert playbook.

    Tell a big enough lie, tell it often enough, and people will eventually believe it.

    For the origins, look up the "Big Lie".

  2. Yes Jade, they sure appeared to be a real bunch of rabble rousers and potential terrorist threats. Why, if you looked closely at the 2nd woman in on the 12th row, you'd swear she was carrying a suicide bomb under her blouse. Who knows, at any moment they could have thrown down their flags, whipped out AK-47s and mowed the whole town to pieces. When they come here we should all be very careful.
    Seriously, all kidding aside, I hope the real patriot citizens of Quartzsite bid this group welcome and show them the respect they deserve for making the trip out here to show their support for us. Not everyone lightly considers a trip to this hell in the summertime just for shits n' giggles. Unless that is they plan on making a jihadist statement by blowing up the place... It will be interesting what kind of a spectacle the town council, their commandant Alex Taft, and her malicious minions Johnson and Gilbert (Our very own "Gang of Six" and the "Unholy Trinity") will put on for our visitors. Will they be quiet and co-operative, or will they respond by putting the final nail into their careers?


    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Quartzsite. We have no problem that cannot be solved. We just have terrible leaders.

    The most visible and disgusting characteristic of any leader is hubris, which is best described as a combination of arrogance and stupidity. Unfortunately, our leaders in Quartzsite have an abundance of it, the Honorable Mayor being the one exception.

    They consider themselves some kind of political royalty, whose words and actions may never be questioned and favor suppression of free speech.

    Such is their disdain for the Quartzsite citizen that, not only do they ignore our petitions and grievances; they now refer to ordinary citizens exercising their Constitutional rights as “terrorists.”

    The situation here is far worse than anyone could have imagined. They contemptuously believe that they can deflect the issue with an organized campaign of disinformation and by blocking any legal avenues citizens wish to pursue to preserve their version of the rule of law.

    It is now time for all the good citizens of Quartzsite to become politically active and aware. We need to observe and remove quickly from any office anyone who tries to take us back to the dark situation we are in today. This is our town, not theirs!

    Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often, for exactly the same reasons. We need to make sure that people of this thug class are never again allowed back into the leadership of our town.


    The good citizens of Quartzsite are becoming more aware of the overt tyranny of the terrible leadership in this town. As the light of day now shines on these tyrants, we realize the people who sounded the alarm early were correct. Recognize that what happened to the citizens, happened not because the citizens are corrupt, but because we let it happen by doing nothing early on to stop it. The “leadership’s” recent actions to protect themselves have revealed many of their true crimes and intentions. Remember that to the corrupt police your existence is in violation of something.

    The tide has turned on these thugs and now the people see who is really working for the good of the citizens (we need more, a lot more to step forward). Since our “leaders” are no longer doing their sworn duty to protect and act for the good of the people; the will of the people to be governed by these “leaders” should be withdrawn immediately.

    The “leaders” called you all crazy, radical, criminal, a terrorist and compared you to a mass murderer when you pointed out what was really going on in the town “leadership.” It is easy to defame another person by such attacks, especially when orchestrated by a group in unison. The truth-teller become the lone voice in the wilderness and is immediately branded with demeaning labels, bogus arrests, etc.

    Recognize the techniques used here to sideline and divide citizens. This is not an issue of Democrat versus Republican, race, gender, religion, age, etc. These are some the dividing tools used by the tyrants to divide and group us into small herds of controllable dumbed down sheep. It is an issue between liberty of the citizen and terrible criminal leadership. It is an issue that affects us all and we need to unite in any and every form of legal opposition to these corrupt “leaders”. Doing nothing at this point is far worse than taking action and the “leaders” count on us to do nothing for their survival.

    Imagine where we would be today had Joe said nothing on June 28th at the Council meeting where Jennifer was illegally arrested for discussing taxes. Joe became a momentary inadvertent hero in the citizen’s struggle against corrupt town “leadership.” The chief also became a momentary hero by his outlandish criminal behavior. Then 4:08 of priceless video on You Tube of Jennifer’s arrest made this an instant worldwide issue.

    Has anyone wondered about the town lawyer? If you have not seen the 32 minute secret meeting video, then by all means watch it. The lawyer dominated the secret council meeting and everyone went along with him without question in implementing these Draconian new procedures.

    What outside interests does the town lawyer speak for? It appears, someone outside this town is controlling the town actions for their personal gain, not the good of the Quartzsite citizen. Is he a mouthpiece for the outside interests and our town “leaders” are taking orders (and money?) from some yet unknown Mr. Big?

    It is becoming clear that being and isolated community located on I-95 and I-10 crossroads has a massive economic potential and someone outside our town may want control. What are those other external interests controlling our town “leadership”: drugs and a distribution network, organized crime, real estate development, the aquifer, potential revenue?

    (continued in part 2 below)


    Most of the good citizens here are over 60 and probably retired. We have a lot of time on our hands to get involved and with 60+ years of life experience behind us we are an awesome resource for this town’s clean up.

    We can start by doing a few small steps toward cleaning up our town:

    1) Call for the immediate resignation of all corrupt “leadership.”

    2) Support the Mayor’s drive for a full forensic audit of the town finances.

    3) Boycott the businesses operated by the “leaders”, they may not listen to the citizen’s words, but they are greedy merchants and will certainly pay attention to our money going elsewhere.

    4) Get behind the citizens trying to clean up our town, volunteer your time, ideas, etc. to help.

    5) Vote in the August 30th election, this is an extremely critical election for the future of our town. Campaign for those who will “fix” this crisis. Remember character counts more than experience. Elect only the people who will do the right thing for our town.

    6) Learn what is really happening in our community, not what the “leaders” want you to believe. Find sources of true quality information and ignore the propaganda mills.

    7) Hold formal and informal citizen meetings and discuss issues and actions.

    8) Recognize that citizen apathy is their friend and our enemy. Get involved, turn off the TV ! Many of us were alive during WW II and remember the intense public spirit and drive against a common enemy, let us reawaken those qualities for this crisis.

    9) Discuss current town events with friends, spread the word.

    10) Recognize that we, the Citizens, are responsible and accountable for who we allow to govern us. We will make mistakes and elect the wrong people. We must fix that situation immediately by recall elections; we cannot wait until the next scheduled election to fix the problem.

    11) Demand open public forums with town leadership (police, management, council, etc.) to discuss issues and exchange ideas, other than town council meetings. Make the “leadership” accountable to questions and comments from the citizens.

    And a long list of many other things we can do as citizens to win our town back from corruption and tyranny. The corrupt interests will move elsewhere once they see Quartzsite is no place for corruption to prevail. Citizen involvement is the key. Citizen involvement is right and necessary to maintain liberty. Citizen involvement is not a criminal act where you are arrested for making a public statement.

    We have a golden opportunity to ensure our town government is truly a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” as was stated by Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.

    Let us not waste another minute.

  6. I'm sitting here listening to the scanner and in less than an hour a officer has ran and stopped 2 automobiles sporting Purple Hearts on them.I could be wrong, however be aware any of you awesome Oath Keepers could be targeted and harassed. I do hope those Q 10 who are back on the force think twice about their past practices of disregarding citizens Constitutional rights and stand by their new found Constitution they used in this matter.