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Southern Poverty Law Center, Department of Homeland Security, and Quartzsite?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, sworn enemy of the Tea Party and the liberty movement has been rumored to be planning an infiltration and disruption of the Quartzsite Liberty Fest peace rally in support of town police officers who "blew the whistle" on Chief Jeff Gilbert  in May.

While this might ordinarily be a laughable bit of "psychological warfare" aimed at discouraging participation in an afternoon of celebration and music, the following recent blog post  from which ties SPLC to Homeland Security, and recent World Net Daily article which shows new DHS videos depicting what former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano believes "domestic terrorists" look like, it does make a compelling, albeit circumstantial case for why Morris Dees and the SPLC might not want to see the citizens of Quartzsite  succeed.

Another rumor circulating around town is the Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert is contacting outside law enforcement agencies to set up roadblocks and intends to bring in the local SWAT team to assist. Sources confirm that several outside departments declined Gilbert's invitation, and did not want to be affiliated with anything he might be planning. One local resident stated "I think Gilbert may be trying to orchestrate a disturbance to justify the emergency they declared over the bogus death threats. It's no wonder other cops don't take him seriously."

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Source: Freedom Fighter
According to Wikipedia, in 1971 Morris Dees and Joseph Levin began a so-called non-profit civil rights organization known as Southern Poverty Law (LIE) Center. This organization claims to have a variety of tasks that has grown through-out the years. Near their inception they had a strategy of filing civil suits for damages on behalf of the victims of hate group harassment, threats, and violence with the goal of financially depleting the responsible groups and individuals.
Originally, the group seemingly had a righteous cause, targeting groups like the KKK. Morris Dees reportedly won a wrongful death suit at one point for a black mother who lost her son to racist violence. I would like to state that I personally feel racism is wrong, for the record! However, this case could shine a negative light on Dees as he allegedly won a massive judgment near $9,000,000.00! The grieving mother was reportedly paid out $51,875.00! Dees near that time is alleged to have started a salary for Dees at a mere $275,000.00 annually. This is where I begin to question, just how righteous the cause of the SPLC actually is?
Morris Dees is portrayed as an expert on terrorism, militias, and the patriot movement! But his behavior, and credibly are called into question in court documents recorded in records from his divorce proceedings! They claim Dees attempted to molest his step daughter. Also in these documents it is alleged that there was inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature which occurred with his future daughter-in-law, as well as many other extramarital engagements!
These documents point out that Dees has an ego the size of Texas as well! We don’t see a lot of current public appearances out of Dees these days as he seems to send his minion, Mark Potok instead. Apparently in 1986 Dees entire legal staff quit in Protest to Dees refusal to address issues such as homelessness, voter registration, and affirmative action! These issues appear to be worth far less money than fighting the KKK to rich benefactors! A former lawyer at SPLC was quoted as saying that SPLC programs were apparently calculated to cash in on “black pain and white guilt.” Anyhow, these are just a few of the juicy historical elements to Dees, and SPLC now I digress to get back on topic.
SPLC grew over the years, and started to broaden their staff, and scope of issues it focused on. The focus continued to include discrimination, civil rights violations, racial segregation, mistreatment of aliens, and separation of church and state issues. It also grew to monitor alleged hate groups, militias, and extremist organizations! The SPLC sprang onto the scene and was used by lame stream media to demonize the resurgent militia movement. This movement resurfaced in recent years due to a lot of American citizens seeing a government stepping out of the framework set up by the founding documents, also known as the law. However, the SPLC doesn’t ever seem to state that! These are the sorts of issues that have lead to the rebirth of the militia, and things like the TEA party. All of which are regularly referred to now as terrorist organizations, which is far from true!
Potok over the last few years along with the backing of the SPLC has been on a media campaign to demonize those seemingly concerned citizen’s who wish to align themselves with the constitution, and the bill of rights. Potok in my opinion and by his own actions could be described as a left wing fanatic himself. The SPLC has been alleged to label themselves as one of the most highly regarded non governmental organizations which monitors hate groups. That has also changed but we will get into that later.
Potok has written an article which ended up published in a communist magazine, although Potok claims no knowledge of how it ended up there! Potok acts as a key spokesman for SPLC in alleged cases of extremism. Potok has been recorded to have had dealings with the United Nation’s as well. Potok has been on the staff of SPLC since 1997, but furthermore has also had dealings with socialists. He has affiliations with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, which is clearly socialist in origin!
He is also documented as saying in regards to Rep. Peter Kings hearings on Muslims “Well, I think they’re despicable. I think that the truth is, is that Peter King does not come to this with clean hands, quite the opposite. You know, the reality is that this is a guy who has said that 85 to 80 — or 80 to 85 percent of the leaders of mosques are radicals, are jihadists, tied to extremism and so on. And I think that that is objectively entirely false.” However, we who study Islam from the outside know those who adhere to the pedophile prophets teachings are the true extremists!
The most recent estimates we can find are provided by charity navigator, which alleges net assets near $152,000,000.00 in 2010! Dees, Potok, and the rest of the crew certainly seem to be in it for some very good intentions, money. This campaign they have been on as an alleged NGO is questionable at best. I know this has nothing to do with Charles Dyer! However, it does which we will be able to tie in if you just bear with us!
Freedom Fighter Radio has uncovered the names and faces of some other SPLC personnel that will prove interesting as well as affiliated organizations that we believe will also grab your attention. These are some of those affiliate organizations/programs: hate watch, Klan watch, teaching tolerance, intelligence report…. The list goes on! Some of the alleged employee names are as follows: Al Dixon, Harold Thompson, Brian Youngblood, Penny Weaver, Henderson Cornelia, Melanie Mulchahy, and Jennifer Holloday……to name a few!
The warped views of the SPLC are listed as a resource for none of than the Federal Bureau of Investigations for many years now! The SPLC has some warped causes it apparently stands for including illegal immigration, (LBGT) lesbian gay bisexual transgender, socialists and the jihad loving Muslim’s! They apparently have gone against a lot of groups that based there stance on the constitution in recent years. This becomes important for one simple fact, that fact being SPLC was folded into the government! The SPLC was adopted by Department of Homeland Security in October 2010! Remember this fact as it will be pertinent as we get deeper into the rat hole!
Now back to the employees we have discovered to be alleged employees of SPLC! One such employee, we have come to discover is a man employed by according to other articles, and sites we have discovered for the SPLC! His name is Brian Youngblood! Well let us look at what we know about Brian Youngblood, as he might be a little less of a left wing extremist although I doubt it! First, I have gained accessed to a lot of his tweets and apparently he likes to drink. One tweet states “I love the smell of hops in the morning”, which could imply as he does he brew’s beer, but also could lead us to believe he likes to drink! It seems he likes to drink at all hours of the day to me! He certainly seems to imply that in his tweets as well! Brian also has affiliations with intellitours; a GPS guided Tour Company as an expert in computers and telecommunications equipment. This I find interesting due to being personally told by victims of the website Hate Trackers that there was information posted that could have only been gathered by a computer hack, information including pictures only found on one persons personal computer!
Their website also lists him as an IT Professional for SPLC! So by now, you are probably wondering why this clown is important to this story. Well, we found an article that was posted online by CNN tech dated August 12, 1999 that says a lot! The article is titled “Web Trackers Hunt Racist Groups Online”! In the beginning of this article they state “The leader of the hate trackers is the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama”! To tie this to Brian Youngblood I will also quote the aforementioned article as stating “There, Brian Youngblood heads up a team of 12 that monitors the material at more than 500 Web sites, mostly by hand, as well as a number of chat rooms and news groups.” So the fanatic leftist loons of SPLC are historically tied directly to Hate Trackers! They are also tied directly to our corrupt government as they have been folded into the DHS!
With statements being made by the Hate Trackers Site such as: “We have held on to this information at the request of the FBI, but it has leaked to other entities, so we are going with our story first.” It now becomes more than apparent Hate Trackers is highly likely to be, if not certainly is a government operation, as Jim and I have long suspected! But wait it gets more interesting yet, so don’t go anywhere boys and girls!
So, the FBI, and ATF are two of the agencies who have been involved in Dyer’s persecution! They are now under the blanket of fusion (inter-agency cooperation) that has been laid out by the patriot act! These agencies all get there instructions from the DHS expressly HSAC otherwise known as the Homeland Security Advisory Council! This Council is run by two devout Muslims by the names Arif Alikhan, and Kahreem Al Shora! We brought this to light on previous shows of ours with help of our friend, and author Chris Alexander (retired Marine)!
Oh but wait it gets better yet with other names involved with HSAC like:
Arif Alikhan
Nimco Ahmed,
Omar Alomari,
Asli Bali,
Mohamed Elibiary
(President and CEO, The Freedom and Justice Foundation)
Ronald Haddad (Chief of Police, Dearborn Police Department)
Imam Mohamed Magid (Executive Director, All Dulles Area Muslim Society)
Dalia Mogahed (Gallup Center for Muslim Studies)
Appointed to President Obama’s faith advisory council, was a partner
in an Islamic project whose stated goal was to define,
interpret and implement the concept of the Islamic State in modern times in America
Asim Rehman (Muslim Bar Association of New York)
Nadia Rouman (American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute)!
Those are the apparently devout Muslims working as appointees of the Obama Administration for the HSAC! (Homeland Security Advisory Council) Another, interesting name that is on the HSAC list is Bob Wasserman! My suspicion is that Wasserman is related to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz DNC Chair, who also seems to be heading up the Obama 2012 campaign!
Some of these people, namely the devout Muslims named are likely related by blood to the very people, or at least by there adherence to the blood thirsty beast known as Islam that our country  and many other brave souls have meet on the battlefields in far off lands!
To you Patriots out there, pick your friends wisely as the infiltration is deep and beware the enemy is inside the gates! The perimeter has folded and the siege is underway! Pick your battles wisely, and give no quarter to thy enemy for god in heaven will surely not look kindly on us for that!
“Now the Lord is the spirit; and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” Second Corinthinian’s 3:17 I for certain would gladly stand with all the other noble souls who can clearly state the mission “Liberty or Death” rather than sell my soul to those who mean to enslave or murder us all! To look at this government one must consider this as well,
2 Peter 2:19 while they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
Galatians 4:31 So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.
May the Lord bless you all, do not forsake the Lord almighty and he will be with you always. The flesh of this earth matters not as we are here for only his divine plan! Liberty is his plan, and when I stand to be judged for my works as all will be I will proudly state I stood for truth and justice under the law of the land and of the Lord!
May you all repent well in Christ, Semper Fidelis,
JT Campbell (USMC Retired, Host of FFR)
Research for this expose’ assisted by Jim Host of Freedom Fighter Radio
Some of the links used in this article posted below:!/brianyoungblood

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  1. Regarding any rumor that Gilbert may be trying to orchestrate a disturbance to justify the emergency that had been declared over bogus death threats, such public-official action wouldn't surprise me.

    On May 12, 1992, U.S. Attorney Janet Napolitano ordered federal agents to invade the Fort McDowell Navajo Casino, seizing 349 gaming machines and loading them into moving trucks. Indians took immediate action and, using every available vehicle and heavy machinery, formed a blockade of the casino's access road. A three-week standoff between the tribe and government followed, during which time Napolitano -- get this -- was ready to use lethal force against tribe members. Thank god Governor Fife Symington was able to bring the matter to a peaceful resolution through negotiations.

    Napolitano's style of using force to negotiate with a sovereign nation tells the mindset of government officials two decades ago, as her failure was the opening act for the standoff a few months later at Ruby Ridge in August of 1992, as well as the 50-day siege at Waco that ended in April of 1993, both of which ended violently with the loss of more than 80 lives, many children included.

    Now, if there is any truth to rumor, Gilbert's strategy is to escalate the Quartzsite debacle by threatening taxpayers with a show of force -- lethal force, no differently than Napolitano and federal officials had done at the Fort McDowell Casino, Ruby Ridge and Waco two decades ago. If Gilbert actually follows through with such a brainless plan, the public will view his actions through the lens of government-siege buffoons.