Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Restraining order issued against Quartzsite over QPOA suspensions


August 1st, La Paz County Superior Court Judge Barlett, issued a temporary restraining order against the Town of Quartzsite, Alex Taft, Jeff Gilbert, and Al Johnson, which basically prohibits the termination of the Plaintiffs (members of QPOA), and orders that the Defendants appear for a "show cause" hearing at 1:30 on August 15th in the La Paz  County Superior Court in Parker AZ.
This hearing is open to media and the public.

The Plaintiffs are being represented by the Phoenix, AZ law firm of Schneider and Onofry. Anyone wishing to contribute to the legal expenses of these officers can make a contribution through an account set up by the Greater Phoenix Tea Party with Wells Fargo Bank for "Quartzsite Citizens Donation Fund"
Also, a car wash fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th, beginning at 7am to be held at the Shell Gas Station on the corner of Hwy 95 and Main St. in Quartzste.


  1. Drug lord Acosta has been arrested in Mexico.Will this affect Quartzsite?

  2. Jade, I understand that Al Johnson is ignoring the restraining order, and is saying that Sgt. Ponce is still terminated. I called Johnson yesterday about this to ask him if he is ignoring the court's order, and he asked me if I was a private citizen or attorney. When I told him that I was a private citizen, he hung up on me. Al Johnson has hung up on me twice now, and his rudeness and arrogance is more than I can take. I certainly hope that the judge will find Al Johnson in contempt for not abiding by his order. I appreciate everything you and others who love freedom have done in Quartzsite. Thank you for taking a stand to do what's right.

  3. YAY!!! This news had made my day!

    I will be there Saturday morning to get my car washed!!! Look forward to seeing Qtown friends :-)