Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing audio minutes of secret "emergency " council meeting now available

Even though they were promised to the media almost a month ago, the audio, direct from Quartzsite Town Hall microphones has finally made it out of the building.

Received from an open records request that was filled by Town Clerk Karen Norris. Now the world can hear for themselves what constitutes an open ended "emergency" in an American town.

Norris had been away on "sick leave" since the July 10th "emergency" locked door council meeting, and reappeared long enough to download these files, and attend yesterdays unorthodox council meeting, but has again disappeared. Many now speculate that she has been suspended or terminated, and sources reveal that she retained legal council several weeks ago as the town's political climate has become volitile.

The details of yesterday's potentially unlawful town council meeting will be posted here tomorrow.


  1. QUARTZSITE fiddles while AMERICA burns.

  2. She got smart - getting out of dodge to avoid a corrupt police department.

  3. The first three minutes - wow!
    Councilman Joe Winslow says: "I hate to tell you what I was, been dreaming about for the last four days...I was back in Berlin sitting up in OP. About 2 clicks from the border.(laughs) I woke up and thought what the hell!"
    Town Clerk Karen Norris asks "Is Jerry going to be here? We don't know yet? Ok."
    Then Al Johnson says: "The police are out picking up everybody"
    Winslow says: "I'd hate to tell you what I thought when she called me up. She said 'Yeah the cops are on the way to pick you up' and I went, the first thing I could think of to say was, 'But she told me she was over 18'!"
    Al Johnson asks; "Are you recording?"
    Councilman Bob Kelley says "I hope not!"
    Karen Norris says "Actually I am."
    Someone says "Ok"
    Bob Kelly says "Joe's got enough being thrown against him as it is."
    Then Joe Winslow talks about himself in the third person: "Oh God. Joe can't keep his mouth shut."

  4. Is there going to be written transcript?

  5. I don't have time to do it. Any takers? You can hear Town Clerk Karen Norris typing away, but the meeting minutes still are not on the town's website...

  6. That is pretty funny Anon #3, then he punctuates it with that dastardly dog laugh,call him Machine Gun Muttley