Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Garrett death investigated as arson homicide

 There have been rumors circulating around town that our friend Linda was killed and the fire was started to cover it up, but that has not been confirmed. However, a press release was issued from the QPD:

Quartzsite Police Department is investigating an arson-involved homicide that occurred on the evening of August 23rd, 2012 at the Desert Edge mobile home park, in Quartzsite. The victim has been identified as Linda Dale Garrett, a 65 year old white female, a Quartzsite resident.

Anyone having information that they feel would be helpful to the investigation, please contact the Quartzsite Police Department Administration Office at 928¬927-4644 during regular business hours, or Central Dispatch at 1-888-818-4911 after business hours.

Sergeant James Schultz Acting Chief of Police


  1. Homicide is death caused by another person......

    1. I just have one question, Why Or when did the accused get to investigate themselves?
      I don't get a lot of thing this day and time but, Do all people get to do this, or is this just for the town government? This sends out a clear sign that justice only come from the bad end of the gun and if accused that person better have a pile of money to buy a hit man or not be taken alive, Or hope you get out before you die to settle the score with their grand children. Or leave Quartzsite
      Sign, Stock piling A.K.A A Man Praying for the town of This town full of evil people.

  2. Linda and I talked every now and then because she was an ardent Ron Paul supporter, as is evidenced by the two signs outside her house that she said she was going to leave up until election day. She said she had a couple of visitors because of the signs, and she also said she kept a gun next to her bed for her safety. She never did tell me she felt threatened or worried about anything though.

    If I had any information I thought I could offer anyone SERIOUSLY investigating this, I'd talk with a LEO, if I could trust them here, but unfortunately Schultz hasn't earned an ounce of trust from me as he's always followed in lock step with Herr Gilbert. (He turned a complete blind eye to one of his fellow officers having sex with a 16 year old, and then participated in the harassing and jailing of the step father, Sean Austin, who complained loudly to Gilbert. This coming from a Lt. Colonel!!!)

    Rick Paterson, QPD officer and former fired undersheriff, is a criminal who helped a private citizen steal a truck from Dana Stadler, and is now rumored to be sleeping with Alex Taft, probably bucking for Gilbert's job. I'm sure the crap rolls downhill from there at QPD.

    I remember when Lori Vitori died mysteriously out in the desert a few years ago while making noise about the criminals at town hall, and the most worried person at Arco was Linda.

    If anyone knows anything about this, don't just talk to QPD. They are a bunch of idiots, at best. Contact an agency OUTSIDE THIS COUNTY. Also, document everything. Don't give "I See Nothing I Know Nothing" Schultz everything you have. Make triple copies and CYA!

    R.I.P. Linda

    1. Does any one know the proper actions to make a citizens arrest and to look into crimes tha has been comitted? If the the law has no honor, why not the citizens take it up?

  3. Don't try it anonymous. Jeff Gilbert is trigger happy, looking to go out in a blaze of glory. Look at the video above. His problems are just beginning, don't push him, unless you are Ed Foster. That would be funny to see. Ed crapping his pants while Dilbert meltsdown. Now that's a YouTube I'd PAY to see!

  4. Can we take the money out of the police funds so we can buy a investigator that will really do the work?
    We really don't have any one on the force that is qualified to investigate any thing other than where to get some thing to eat or how to call their union rep for how much they are to care about the oath they took/