Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Council hires "interim" town manager, She lays off assistant town manager!

At today's 2 pm meeting of the Quartzsite Common Council, a continuation of yesterday mornings adjourned regular meeting, all members of the council except Patricia Workman followed Mark Orgeron's lead and voted to approve signing a six month contract with Laura Bruno, the former Chief Financial Officer for the Sacramento City Unified School District.

Bruno's resume supplied to the council left off in 2002, before her greatest achievement - the illegal pension scheme known as “CASA”. She is also involved with the Southwest Chapter of the American Coach Association rally at Rice Ranch in January. Records indicate they own a parcel in Quartzsite, on Emelia.

Temporary Town Manager Terry Frausto will revert to Town Clerk, and most items on the council agenda were adjorned to the next meeting, so the the new administrator could familiarize herself with them. According to Councilman Orgeron, Bruno's mission will be to audit the books and redo the town's ordinances.

Her first official act was to place Al Johnson, the towns unpopular Assistant Town Manager/Building Official on Paid administrative leave, but the actual reasons are unknown at this time. It is believed that his firing Gilbert without authorization or notifying the council or "town manager" may be the reason. Much the same as the ongoing situation with Town Manager Alex Taft, the woman Bruno is replacing for now.  Citizen's are eagerly awaiting an official explanation for Taft's paid administrative leave, and the council can't discuss that, as it was handled in executive session.

Interestingly, Bruno reports that Police Chief Gilbert is not fired after all, despite the press release from Johnson. Hopefully, an official press release explaining all of this from the town will be forthcoming.

UPDATE: A press conference was held and can be viewed at:

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  1. There goes another one. The latte lemmings are jumping as if they are desperate for a caffeine fix. Who will be next?

  2. Paid administrative leave, that'll teach them. If you or I were to do what these criminals have done, it would have been lights out and broke city. But not these assholes, they get a free ride all of the way!

    1. Don't You know!!!
      I can't believe this is a surprises that anyone would think things would be any other than Business as usual.
      Cut down and slander those we don't like or we are tired of doing this to the one we are doing it to at the time.
      A dirty spot in the road has this much trouble and corruption, what we call it for what it is, just plain old fleshly evil SIN!
      And this isn't the surprises of new or few, it is the working of idle hands. At one time it was here alive and well, but it wasn't as apparent as now because there was plenty of working in arts&crafts, gems and the shows to cover it up and hide it.
      Now since the town has run off most of the people, jacked up all the prices from taxes to you name it.
      And most of all tried to deny people of their right and way of income so to keep them under bondage of obedience, this corruption is taking it's final tole.
      A perfect place to start is to go to a council meeting or to a church here in town and just look and watch. After that, watch and listen and try to stay out of their path, Whether it be law of the land or law of GOD both are taken from context pick and choose, to use and apply to use in their campaign of corruption.
      This truth is not newly known and we knew it was coming,the falling away because people trying to walk in the light to obeying the law of the land And God law, And now we see it in it's fullness.
      I get at times angry, but then I know it is what has been written and then it makes me sad to see man and woman fall to this place.
      We need serious people to get to gather and lay aside the fleshly judgement call, pick up their comments to finish carrying them out, And stop and remember to have faith in God, prayer, the spirit and to stop thinking about tax write offs and start thinking about the giving and changing of your heart.
      Quartzsite is in the road of wrath headed straight for it if this town don't stop to kneel.
      All you men who hear your wives comment of your weakness, correct yourself.
      All you weman who have boldness of the flesh, correct it yourself and you know what I talking about, by this action God will know a change of heart, a repentance.
      And that is all He looks at.
      All good comes from Him, you are just a vesicle.
      I wish you all the best, and will keep praying God give you time before He sends His wrath.

  3. Don't think it is over, it's business as usual in Quartzsite.
    Only thing changed was what sit in the majority seats.
    And as I was told yesterday, if you don't like it, pack up and leave. Because there isn't enough decent people in that town to be the majority, in a mans own words, I've live in Parker for ninety one years and Quartzsite has always be a den of cut throats and thieves. The only reason they hug you is to find a soft spot to stab. And don't ever for get, the higher the are in town goverment there the worse they are.
    That place needs to be condemned for witch craft false profits and and demon activity.
    And with a laugh, He said a person who votes in Quartzsite is a fool, workman and Foster can't change a thing, they are on the out looking in. Mark slip in just as they all do and will do.