Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert fired!


Today, the Town of Quartzsite fired controversial Police Chief Jeff Gilbert for “gross negligence and willful misconduct”. See official press release above. 

Gilbert had been placed on paid administrative leave while under investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety for allegedly facillitating "the false presentation of a time sheet containing false information." Rather than follow the restrictions set forth for his leave, he chose to use his vacation days. According to the press release, he is currently in somewhere in Alabama.

The press release was posted to the town's website at  8:50 am. A three page letter included in the press release was sent by certified mail to Gilbert in Alabama, however it was reported elsewhere that, "According to Gilbert, Johnson talked to him on his cell phone at exactly 9:00 am today (Arizona time). There had been a previous call, but cell service was not available." 
The source also stated that the Town Council did not know Johnson had fired Gilbert. There was apparently an “incident” outside Town Hall where Town Attorney Martin Brannan was confronted by angry council members and citizens.


  1. "Time Wounds All Heels"

  2. Great news !

    I hope the illegal activity from the Q town counsel and police dpt. will come to an end soon, then the good people of Q town can start to rebuild their city and lives.

    1. UNincorporate NOW!!!

    2. Where is Taft in all this corruption, Why is she still being paid, what makes me wonder is where does Brannan come from? did he have to leave to get away from his doing? People are so tired of these upstanding people looking for crooks and criminals to come up with way to bleed a town dry and leave only to go some where else to do more corruption. It's time to put laws that put these people in jail and those who they hire to help them get away with in jail as well!!!
      But we can never stop watching those who sported these criminals because they are always looking for another chance to take advantage of us again.
      Taft needs to answer for where the Swimming pool money went that so many work so hard for and it's gone!
      And if it isn't gone it needs to be put in a account by it's self for the people to stop them from feeling robed.

  3. Another roach is stepped on. SPLAT. What a mess. Maybe the little roach officers that followed in the six legged footsteps of Ex-Police Chief Gilbert will take a very long vacation sometime far way. (It will be for their own good.)

    Perhaps now the HONEST police officers that were wrongfully fired by this cheating roach can get their jobs back.

    The clean up crew is just beginning. Wonder who will be next.

  4. ABC reports say the Chief was misusing the background system and checking people he disliked. This drivel about using his vacation days instead of home restriction while he was on admin leave during this investigation is a smoke screen. Come on now, we all know what that means: they guy screwed up. So what's the deal Terry Jones, he your brother in law or something? You don't do your reputation any good by defending a guilty man, even if you were party to the initial infraction that prompted the investigation in the first place. Were you Terry? Did this chief make background ckecks for you "off the books"?

  5. I have yet to speak to anyone that believes that “Legend in his own mind” Al Johnson wrote the Termination Letter to Jeff Gilbert! IMHO, Johnson is a true example of a C.C.F. in action and will continue to only generate additional Civil Court actions against the Town of Quartzsite and the Taxpayers as long as he is on the payroll.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Gilbert’s “Letter of Demand for Wrongful Termination” is ready for service and we will be able to post it sometime today on our web sites. Just who will get the biggest payday from the Town of Quartzsite is yet to be seen, less you count the people that are behind the, IMHO unlawful “Voter Fraud Investigation.”

    Are these “Johnny Come Lately” Town Checks only hush money being paid out and when are we going to see that report the Citizens and Taxpayers are still paying for?

    "Get The Truth, Get The Facts"!

  6. This wasn't all Chief Gilbert, We have a group in this that has run rough shot over this town for too long.
    Look at the Council video, who is nayen every time some change is being made to repair this town?
    Who is in these little groups trying every way possible to cause corruption and hurting people just to keep them from making a life for them and their family s?
    Look at the little meetings back room distributions and plannings of who gets what.
    If I was Chief Gilbert I would come clean, it might be his death, but, being straight when I die wouldn't be a better thing or way to go. And it wouldn't surprise me at all that these people would make the tempt.
    who is complaining about people standing up for themselves and the towns people, We have a group that will come right back to monopolies this town again if we let them!!!
    All this needs to be address.

  7. I'm looking forward to when full criminal procecutions catch up to Mr. Gilbert and the rest of his ilk. An "O.J Simpson" style civil suit against these outragous people's personal assets would be a welcome sight as well.

    1. It will never happen, it will be as it has been, Any one or any type of government that could do anything, will not because of the cost. There is less than one thousand people live here year around and all the time getting less. The government knows this, and they are not willing to spend the money on a town that is known for certain, to have problems such as the ground here is full of toxin and water polluted as it is here.
      No one in their right mind wants to have children or raise children in a place that could cause mental illness. People are sick of the safety here for them self and their spouses,children and their guess on the BLM and in and round Quartzsite.
      It reminds me of Washington state, their is so much unsolved murder up there they call it suicide now.
      My advise is do like so many are doing right now, their getting smart and finding better places to live and moving away. A person has to be a fool to invest into a town with such a sheet of misfortune to live with on a daily basis. Taxes toxin and evil corrupt people who will cheat you, your children, your mother, your father, your sister, your guest and put your town in debt raise taxes even more. Why pay for this, do like myself and about 30 other people and their family are doing that I know of right now, hunting a place that has more to offer than what we all know is here and safe with justice and honor.
      So keep on doing what your doing, what you pay here to live, there is land you can own in other places in America that puts this place to shame, with good weather.