Thursday, September 6, 2012

Foster is one step closer to being seated

Today, in La Paz County Superior Court, Judge Michael Burke denied the Town's Motion to dismiss the Writ of Mandamus action filed on behalf of Mayor Ed Foster by his attorney Julie Labenz. Burke affirmed Labenz assertion that this was the proper remedy at law for the situation. Town Attorney Martin Brannan will have until 5 pm on September 11th, to file his response, and a date of Sept 19th at 1:30 pm has been set for oral arguments.
 Foster was judged "not qualified" after winning the May general election by the Quartzsite Town Council under an ordinance that is currently under review by the US Justice Department, Voting Rights Division.

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  1. Poisson Pen:
    Here is more money spent by the crooked of this town to go against the legal process of our constitution of America.
    I hear so many say they serve and still they go to the length to corrupt our laws and quality of rights for all. Trying to cheat people of their voting rights and making them pay for it!!
    If this had happened to the other side there is know telling how many would have been found dead in the desert. We all know this is going to cost this town and it's people thousands of dollars to pay for this attempt of cheating lying and stealing. If those who went to court had not had money to defend them self, these crooks would have been business as usual like nothing to it,
    Now I am watching the crooks slipping over to the other side trying to hide as if they were there all along, remember as soon as they get the chance they will stab you in the back again, they are no &*#%(& good,
    and just look at who is standing in their corner as supporters?!
    Oh they are your upstanding Citizens. I call them viruses of Sardis,Spirits of Corinth. The most blinded bunch of people I've ever know, Don't YOU know You are what we are to look to for honor and wisdom?, what a joke! As you are in town and people look at you know this, they know what you have done so don't act like you are good in any way because we all know your action and doings, this also goes for your supporters, birds of a feather flock together.