Monday, September 24, 2012

Voter Fraud Investigation results

At 9 am this morning, the Town of Quartzsite posted this to their website
and at 9:01

 Over 70,000 was spend on this unauthorized investigation, which revealed that there was no prosecutable voter fraud.



  2. What difference does it make? World Wide Wonder Ed Foster is still not seated? And he just had his nuts removed by Council decision to not let him run the meetings. The government ALWAYS wins.

    UN-Incorporate now! It was a mistake to Incorporate. It's a mistake to pretend it can be fixed with "better" politicians.

  3. Mike, the problem with unincorporating the Town is that it is very difficult. The current landholders have to vote to take on the Towns debt. Not many people are anxious to take on any other debt other than their own. It's not an easy process, but in the end may be the best solution. We may not get that far since Bruno was advised today that the risk pool is canceling the Towns insurance. Who knows what will happen next.

    1. I agree it will not be easy, neither were the recalls. But they needed to be done. I think the landowners would take a one time write off to end this insanity. Pay now or pay more later!

    2. Do you own land? If so, then convince your fellow landholders to start the proceedings. Otherwise all you are doing is blowing hot air. You can't anticipate what the people of this Town want, or are willing to take on if we dismantle the Town. People like paved roads, flushing toilets, water coming out of the taps, police at their door within minutes of a call to 911. I would think that any logical person would want the Chief to be run out of town but look at the idiots who show up to donuts with dirtbags?

    3. Many, many of the people who voted to Incorporate regret it. I know because I've talked to several of them. Lots of them would sign the recalls.

      And do you know what the job of a policeman is? They are largely historians! They don't prevent or protect you from anything. When seconds count the police are minutes away, unless there's a ticket to write of course. The rest of your arguments are equally silly. People had water and toilets and roads (though not as many paved) before incorporating. And a county deputy can answer a 911 call just like a local cop, might as well make the county earn all the money they steal in taxes each year.

      Oh the horror, the world will end if we don't have the Town of Quartzsite to protect us!!! How's that whole town of Quartzsite thing working out? When was it ever NOT dysfunctional? It was a mistake to Incorporate it's a mistake to believe you can fix it. I mean, how are you going to fix it? Find a better class of politician like ED fantasizes about? HELLO!!!

      "Must have criminals to rule over us! Must not be free! Must obey all people with fancy sounding titles and spiffy uniforms!" REPEAT 3 Times! Feel better now?

    4. You say "a deputy can answer a 911 call the same as a local cop". While that is true, the county currently has less deputies than QPD does, for the ENTIRE county! Do you think they are suddenly going to have more than one deputy per shift to cover Salome, Ehrenburg, Cibola, and Quartzsite? No. They do not gain anything from taking over Quartzsite, they already get all the money they can from us. That's why the county is shaking in their boots about the possibility of Quartzsite failing. I agree that the chief has to go, but I am a realist and I know when granny is on the phone to 911 saying someone is breaking into her house, she needs someone there now, not "well a deputy will be there when he can, he's out in Cibola right now".

      I'm not a psychic, I don't know what the future holds for Quartzsite. I think the current interim town manager has no stake in the game and it really doesn't matter to her what happens to this town. She's going to pack up her motor home in March and drive away. Once she's finished ruining the town, what will likely happen is that the town will have to go into bankruptcy. Then a special master will be appointed by the judge to make decisions regarding the town. That is probably the best thing that can come out of this disaster.

  4. What most Police Academies (except Arizona using QPD as an example) and ALL schools of law have as required study, is “The Fruits Of The Poisonous Tree Doctrine.” First used in Nardone v. United States, 308 U.S. 338, 60 S. Ct. 266, 84 L. Ed. 307 (1939) in the opinion by Justice Felix Frankfurter.

    This doctrine is an extension of the exclusionary rule, which prevents evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment (or other unlawful means) from being admitted in a criminal trial. Like the exclusionary rule, the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine is intended to deter police from using illegal means to obtain evidence.

    So now the Town of Quartzsite has spent $70,653.00 for an unauthorized “Voter Fraud” Investigation where none of the evidence collected can be used as it will be challenged and the Attorney for the Defense will win!

    The big question now is, will the new Town Manager attempt to have Alex Taft, Al Johnson, and Town Attorney Martin E Brannan repay the Town of Quartzsite, the tax payers, and residents back for this “Witch Hunt” and I’m sure will result in more Federal Civil Suits for violations of the Voter’s Civil Rights Act! New Quartzsite Motto, “Got Money?”

    "Get The Truth, Get The Facts"!