Wednesday, July 20, 2011


About 5 pm PST, The Desert Freedom Press learned that under the current "emergency", Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has suspended ALL officers who filed criminal and ethical complaints against him. This leaves only the four officers who chose to stand with the Chief, despite the controversy and ongoing investigation by DPS. La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery told the Parker Pioneer Newspaper last week, that he had provided back up units to patrol the perimeter of Town Hall during the June 12th council meeting. Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Sheriff Lowery served together as officers on the Colorado Indian Tribes Reservation.


  1. Are you encourage that things are going to change in a positive way? Or are you concerned that you will not get the support you need? This action gives me the impression that this town government has lost total control of the situation.

  2. This is getting silly to the point of showing the gross negligence of the AZ Attorney General, Jan Brewer, & the DPS & Police Professional Standards Boards. If someone gets hurt, these failed non-functional government actors should be charged with accessory & the boards dissolved for lack of ability to take a meaningful action, but sucking hundreds of thousands-millions of dollars a year to do NOTHING.

    Why is it so difficult to dismiss a public servant?

    Why does it take hundreds of hours, dozens of meetings with various boards, agencies, commissions, panels at dozens of meetings?

    Why does it take thousands of dollars?

    When the government becomes the criminal actor & crime is made legal & lawful protest & resistance is made illegal-what are people to do for legal recourse/remedy? Who do the people turn to?


  4. Councilpersons Winslow, Cowell, Lukkasson have been spotted at town hall - NOW! Another illegal quorum?

  5. “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion—when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing—when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors—when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you—when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice—you may know that your society is doomed.” - Ayn Rand

  6. BIG STORY about this on World Net Daily at

  7. ?Any truth to the rumor that joe winslow is a card carrying indian with connections to the Crit reservation in parker?where chief gilbert came from?

  8. When you see council members, who have been cited by a state official to be breaking state laws by conducting illegal town meetings, NOT asking for an investigation. And then you see police officers writing a no confidence letter about the police chief and the mayor and town citizens asking for an independent and unbiased investigation from outside sources, THAT is when you can see where the corruption is. Nuff said.

  9. Take a look at the "offical" papers putting the Quartzsite 10 on basically "house arrest". This is the most disgusting thing imaginable for a town to do to its honorable officers.

    The Quartzsite 10 need our support now more than ever.

    Here is the link to the Notice given the real police officers:

    The Nazi thugs must be removed from power immediately.

    What is next, the imprisonment of all the people on the "Enemy's List" carried out by Der Fuhrer Gilbert?

    Why is he not on administrative leave for all the allegations against him? He is obviously very mentally disturbed and a real danger to the town's safety and finances.

    So, from this point on, only "the criminals" will be in police uniform?

    Evil prevails when good men (and women) do nothing!

    Who would not want to be on the Jury when these criminals are brought up on numerous charges?

    When will we realize that the Chief, Council, Vice Mayor, Town Manager, etc. are daily putting the Town of Quartzsite into more legal liabilities that will be in the courts for years? Get rid of the scum!

  10. The Quartzsite “Inquisition” begins against the Quartzsite Police Officers (“Quartzsite 10”) who spoke out against tyranny and illegal activities of the Chief of Police. This whole Kangaroo Court will be led by the Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor, Al “Randy Bo Bandy” Johnson, the anointed Grand Inquisitor.

    The cabal must really be scared of something being discovered, like who illegally received the millions of dollars in checks from the Town of Quartzsite. We would sure like to know how deep this corruption runs in Quartzite. It appears the only people in authority who can be trusted are the Mayor and the Quartzsite 10, everyone else is linked to this criminal activity, either willingly or unwittingly.

    Read the Notice sent to the Officers regarding their “rights” and “house arrest”. None of this is legal and is merely a fact finding mission to see just how much dirt the Quartzsite 10 have on the Chief and the rest of the criminals. The Quartzsite 10 are savvy enough to have their facts in order before signing such a complaint against the Chief. Let us hope the Oathkeepers legal defense team swings into action for the Quartzsite 10 as well; they are true “Oathkeepers”. We should have honor and respect for these fine Officers and their integrity in the face of criminal adversity. The Quartzsite 10, Mayor, Jennifer and others should make us all proud to be Americans. God Bless them all!

    There are only 4 Quartzsite “police officers” left on duty to cover the town 24/7, since the Quartzsite 10 Officers were placed on administrative leave, what stupidity! I suspect they are spending their time protecting the council and city staff from perceived bogeymen and things that go bump in the night. This means the town is basically unprotected. It would be advised the citizens take additional precautions for their own protection.

    This is clearly retaliation and a smear campaign to deflect heat away from the guilty parties and a possible investigation into criminal activities. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRICK. This is an act of desperation on the part of the criminal cabal; they must really be hiding something bigger than a missing millions of dollars.

    I would suggest that the good people of Quartzsite make it a habit to wear red (and refrain from wearing blue) in support of the Quartzsite 10, the Mayor, Jennifer and the others. A red hat, shirt, ribbon with QPOA written on it, etc. would be a visible display of our support for law and order in Quartzsite.

    Let us see if Wrongful Termination is added to the charges against the perpetrators of the criminal cabal. I look forward to seeing Gilbert, Winslow and the rest of the Council, Johnson, Cowell, Taft and all others doing the “Perp Walk” to jail. We do not have long to wait. Watching the wheels of justice turn may seem painfully slow at times, like watching cement cure, but justice will prevail in the end one way or the other.

  11. I'm confused...who does Brannan represent and what would the bar assoc say? Does Brannan represent the shareholders of the municipal corporation (the people)? Does he represent the employees (the officers, the town manager, the Chief)? Or does he represent the executives (council)? He's prosecutor, town attorney and "parliamentarian" right? Or was his appointment even legal, given that the meeting may not have been. Does anyone know about AZ attorney conflict of interest precedents?

  12. It appears the Federal, State and County governments all are saying they have no jurisdiction in local Quartzsite legal issues. This can work to the citizen’s advantage. Since the Town Council will not do anything and are as guilty as the police department in a conspiracy, that leaves legal action up to the citizens without any interference from outside government agencies. For example, the Town Council meetings are being held in secret, without the public which is a violation of local and state ordinances. Everyone involved has done so knowingly against the law, they were even clearly warned several times by the mayor. There are a number of other violations of the local law which can be tacked on.

    The Quartzsite 10 are currently on administrative leave and are no longer active police officers, but they are still citizens. Who better to make a citizen’s arrest than someone trained and experienced in making arrests, so the culprit’s rights are not violated? Should the culprits resist citizen’s arrest, the Quartzsite 10 citizens can deal with all issues in proper accordance with the law. This then puts the matters into the Courts where it belongs. Quartzsite should not need to pay for the culprits legal fees, since they knowingly and repeatedly violated local ordinances. Since they are no longer council members or police officers, they cannot vote themselves legal fees out the pockets of the citizens.

    Mayor Foster can appoint an all new Town Council and a new Chief of Police, pending elections. Investigation into the town accounting records, etc. can be brought out and additional charges added as necessary to the culprits.

    And the citizens of Quartzsite lived happily ever after. That is my bedtime story, hope you enjoyed it.

  13. Citizens of Quartzsite have no avenue for redress except at the polls. So why on Earth haven't these council members been recalled? Do most citizens back the council? Same political party? What the heck?

    I'm a snowbird who has spent most winters there for 17 years. No more. I don't trust the still-active police there. And if they'll destroy a runway and endanger pilots and others in a clear act of revenge, what might they do to endanger others as well? I won't subject my family to that threat.