Monday, July 25, 2011

OMLET arm of the AG's Office investigation update

I, Jennifer Jones,  had an important phone conversation earlier today. I was informed by Mr. Christopher Munns, of the Attorney General's Office, Open Meetings Law  Enforcement Team (OMLET) that his office was expediting our complaints. Please thank him for that.

However, after I discussed the evidence I wanted to email him, he informed me that they did not have authority to rule on the investigation. Basically, the OMLET department is a "toothless tiger" as Mayor Foster likes to say. In other words, their standard operating procedure is to contact the town and attempt to bring the council into compliance with open meetings law. If the town fails to comply, then a court action may proceed. Eventually, the courts will intercede. In the mean time, AG Tom Horne could look into issuing a legal opinion on action taken by the council, but has not indicated any interest in doing so.

So you see, as of this date, both Governor Brewer and Attorney General Horne have avoided any responsibility for Quartzsite's open ended "state of emergency" and subsequent lawlessness of it's officials.

I suggest that we may contact:
United States Attorney 
District of Arizona
Two Renaissance Square
40 N. Central Ave, suite 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85004
FAX 602-514-7693

You can request a "Citizen Complaint Form"


  1. That's quite a shame that neither the Governor or Attorney General will take real action against the council. Keep up the good fight Jennifer!

  2. Patience is it's own virtue. Stay calm, take a deep breath and wait.
    This isn't a video game world where everything is resolved in 10 minutes.

  3. YO WHATS UP JAN!!! Has she said anything on the matter? It would seem to me that if a city in your state was declaring states of emergency that you would be on that quickly. I can imagine that her apathy must make the folks of QB feel a bit uneasy.

  4. If something is rotten in Qsite - then it stinks all the way up to the putrid mess in Jan Brewers office. Recall anyone? How many would it take? That bitch has raised taxes and squandered our money. She does not represent MY GOP!