Tuesday, July 12, 2011

video exposes council & police chief knew better!

4:52 seconds in William Sims, lead legal council for the towns ins. pool tells Police Chief Jeff Gilbert “there will be the lawsuit…” At 10.02 he says that the MAYOR makes that call!

Please keep in mind, that this Youtube channel belongs to a friend of the police chief. Many false and defamitory video are on this channel and the former mayor, Wes Huntley posts as "Wilcoxfood"...


  1. Well, the Chief and his minions should be fired. That would teach them a lesson. His hands have been slapped far to long and he obviously has no regard for the peoples constitutional rights. When is enough, enough?

    His direct minions should also be put on probation, be reprimanded and, or be fired depending on their history.

    They should all be schooled on what it means to be a public servant. After watching the video, I'm not to sure that they really understand that they're owned by the people and that they have limited rights in general.

    If I were in this town, I would be petitioning to get rid of these corrupt individuals who are obviously on the Dark Side.

    Thank God for people like Jennifer Jones. Now our Public Servants are starting to understand that not only do "We The People" have a voice, but that we're actually THEIR BOSSES.

    Can't wait for the rest of the states to take up the same issues with their hired servants.

  2. ...........the Chief is in violation of RICO Act!!

  3. He also says "in the end we have to uphold democracy" seems the Chief missed that part

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    You are a true patriot and a great and honorable American!

    What happened to you should NEVER happen in America. The whole incident is galvanizing people across the country against corruption and tyranny.

    I am still stunned by the lawlessness of the Chief of Police, he and others will be held accountable by the very law they thumbed their nose at for his actions.

    How did we come from Norman Rockwell’s painting of a citizen addressing our government to this atrocity in Quartzsite, in a generation?

    I suspect the Council members and the Chief are “short timers” in their current positions. If this does not wake the voters of Quartzsite up, then the council and police will feel they have been victorious.

    I hope the Mayor withstands his upcoming election, he is a great man as well and clearly deserves the office he holds and respect of the people of Quartzsite.

    I am sure you are familiar with 42 USC 1983, Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights.

    I heard your interview on Alex’s show Monday, great job. I am sure you will have lots of opportunity to speak, while the guilty avoid the press.

    Cockroaches tend to run and hide when the light is shined on them.

    Good luck Jennifer, this is your moment in the Sun.

    Pass the Popcorn, this is going to get good.

  5. Are these council members been in office for a long time. If so why do people keep voting them in? Should not the city audit be available to the public (citizens of Quartzsite, Arizona). This seems to the root of the problems.

  6. We in Rhode Island have almost every town council meeting aired on public access television. There is absolutly no editing involved in these filmed meetings. They are filmed from gavel to gavel. Public Access Television is a very good medium to force transparancy in town council meetings.
    I truly suggest that you contact your local public access facility that covers your area.

  7. God has sent you

  8. As I understand it, the Mayor has alleged that there are phantom employees receiving payroll checks. This is a very common way that money, especially public funds, get embezzled. If the Town's auditors are not going around to other Town employees and asking "do you know this employee, have you ever seen him or her?" then it is very likely that something is amiss. Audit reports should be available through a public record request. I don't know if it the phantom employee issue has been asked or not.

    One easy way to resolve the issue would be to provide the auditors with copies of all payroll checks issued for the year and let them meet with each employee. If every employee is accounted for as a living breathing human being then the issue is put to rest. If not then a formal investigation can be started.

    I would think that the Town Manager would want to clear the air and should ask DPS to step in and conduct an investigation of the Police Chief. I would also believe that if there is no wrong doing on his part he would welcome an opportunity to have him and his department shine while putting rumors of wrongdoing to rest for the benefit of the community.

    As for call to the public at meetings, the council should allow a call to the public under very clear guidelines, that way speakers know going into the meeting, exactly what to expect.

    First, require that large organized groups appoint one speaker to be the voice of their group. This will avoid twenty people restating the same thing. One incentive to do this may be allowing additional speaking time for instance, large groups who appoint one speaker may receive two extra minutes at the podium.

    Second, put a time limit on speakers, all speakers. A person speaking at call to the public should be allowed to speak but please be succinct. Say what you have to say in the three minutes you have and then move on so the next person can be heard.

    Council, If it is not on the agenda you can't talk about it anyway so while the person uses their three minutes to call you stupid, bite your tongue and then kindly remind them when their time is up and it is time for the noise to stop.

    Spending thirty minutes every meeting listening to people you totally disgaree with is nothing compared to the disorder your town is in right now. You would be suprised how people who are given a time limit will accept it because they still have their voice heard.

    Oh and while they are speaking council members should remain seated and be quiet. Audience members should also be quiet and wait until the call of the public to comment. That way everybody is playing nicely and it is a case of I sat and listened to you now you must sit and listen to me.

    Anyone shouting out loud should be warned and then removed by order of the person chairing the meeting. Arrests should only be at the discretion of the law enfocement offficer present.

    If that town is going to have a future, its gotta have some law and order but lets not forget government's primary role of preserving the natural right.

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