Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Quartzsite Officer Rick Patterson - with illegal gambling photo?

The man with the mustache  in the dark gray shirt on the left is Quartzsite Officer Rick Patterson. Patterson, who was fired from the La Paz County Sheriff became infamous as the officer who "frog marched" advocate Jennifer Jones out of a town council meeting that was video taped and went "viral" on Youtube. That appears to be real money on the table at a private facitlity.

Officer Patterson has his own page on the MancationNation website:
Where you will find this photo:

Rick Paterson - MCN Firearms Instructor/Range Master

Rick Paterson was born in Sinton, Texas in 1952. He grew up nearby in Taft, Texas and as a young boy was almost immediately exposed to the shooting and hunting sports by a large, immediate and extended family whose roots came from ancestors of Scottish and Spaniard lineage. Some of Rick’s ancestors were decorated Civil War, World War I and World War II veterans.

After moving to southern California with his family in 1963, Rick attended grade and High school in Carlsbad before entering military service with the Army National Guard. Following his military service, Rick worked briefly in retail sales and for the telephone company before becoming a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Oceanside, California for about two years. Rick then became a regular Police Officer for the City of Escondido between 1978 and 1980, serving with the Oceanside Harbor Police, thereafter. Rick attended college at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California, achieving a Certificate of Competency with highest honors in the Administration of Criminal Justice.

Rick had also begun his martial arts training in Oceanside in 1972 and became internationally certified as a “Black-Belt” Instructor in the classical Korean martial Art of “ Soo Bahk Do-Moo Duk Kwan”. Rick relocated to Parker, Arizona following the death of his father and was hired as a full-time Deputy Sheriff for the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. Rick has served since the birth of La Paz County in 1983 and has risen to the current rank of Major, as its Chief Deputy/Undersheriff.

Throughout Rick’s law enforcement career, he has distinguished himself as a leader of men, an expert marksman, defensive tactics Arizona P.O.S.T.-Certified Instructor and tactician, receiving extensive formal training in firearms instruction and special weapons and tactics, as well as leading tactical operations as a Tactical Team Leader of over 100 missions and supervising the county’s Drug Task Force. Rick regularly trains members of his own Sheriff’s Office, as well as Officers of surrounding law enforcement agencies in these areas of high liability proficiency, specializing in instruction of revolver, semi-automatic pistol, semi-automatic rifle, precision rifle and sub-machine gun.

Rick has also developed his own, off-duty consulting firm: “Paterson Tactical Consulting” and since 1991 he has regularly provided training to the private sector in the Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit Training Program, as well as basic-to-advanced firearms proficiency skills. He has also regularly consulted to the area Tribal Casino and trained its management security and surveillance personnel in areas of proficiency relating to defensive tactics, leadership and supervision, drug and drug paraphernalia recognition, to highlight a few. Rick has regularly appeared on local television stations as a speaker and has also taught classes for Arizona Western College for over twelve years.

Rick enjoys competing in N.R.A. High Power Service Rifle shooting matches which involve the use of military-style service rifles such as: the “M-1 Garand”, “M-14” and “AR-15” rifles in courses of fire at 200, 300, 600 and 1000-yard distances. Rick has earned the current rating of “Distinguished Expert” in this particular form of shooting competition, however he has also engaged in shooting competitions over much of his adult life such as: “P.P.C.”, “I.P.S.C.”, “Action Pistol” and “Cowboy-Action Shooting”.

Rick invites you to enjoy an exciting, yet safe and goal-directed, rewarding shooting experience, while at ManCation Nation!
There are many more photos in the Mancation Nation gallery:


  1. Biggest fucking douche bag Ive ever met.

  2. His name is Paterson, not Patterson.