Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quartzsite puts most of its police officers on house arrest

Posted: Jul 22, 2011 3:33 PM MST

Quartzsite, Arizona July 21, 2011 - Many folks living in Quartzsite say the town is in a state of emergency. Sgt. William Ponce of the Quartzsite Police Officers Association says most of its officers are on administrative leave for telling the truth. Ponce is one of nine officers listed that are or will be placed on administrative leave.
"We are tasked with maintaining peace and order in our community, says Ponce, who is currently on vacation and has yet to receive the administrative leave notice. "And we took an oath as law enforcement officers to uphold the Constitution and follow the laws of the State of Arizona and that's all we want to do. And from what you can see right now, the Chief [Gilbert] himself is not creating peace in the community. He is creating chaos and disruption and only making things worse. And we just want to be able to go to work, do our jobs and not be under duress anymore."
The town's complaint says officers have defamed the town of Quartzsite, Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, its town manager and the town council. Mayor Ed Foster says Police Chief Gilbert worked under directives from some members of the town council, which he termed as "selective enforcement".
"There was a council candidate that had warrants out on her and the Chief [Gilbert] told the officers to ignore it," says Mayor Foster. "And later, she got picked up for D.U.I. and the officers got in trouble for that. And she screamed and shouted that the Chief had her protected and that they couldn't do anything. The [video from the] bodycam of the arresting officer that he turned in, it disappeared from the file."
As of 1 p.m. Thursday, Mayor Foster says the Arizona Department of Safety (DPS), the agency that is investigating the officers' allegations against Chief Gilbert, has yet to see their statements and evidence.
"I don't know why and what their procedures are, but a month later, I would have thought they would have had some investigative processes going on with the [DPS] field officers and have some preliminary look at this evidence that they turned over," says Mayor Foster. "And the Head of the investigation had no idea that this evidence existed."
DPS issued a statement Thursday, which states: "The Major Crimes Bureau of the DPS Criminal Division is involved in an on-going investigation of allegations made against the Quartzsite Police chief." The statement also acknowledges that it will assist the La Paz County Sheriff's Office in responding to calls for law enforcement in Quartzsite.
The four QPD officers that aren't on administrative leave include Police Chief Gilbert. And with only four officers to serve the town of 3,500 residents, Mayor Foster says that's unacceptable.
"You know, we're in trouble out here and I can't get anybody in state government to do anything, you know," says Mayor Foster. "I mean, I get more support from the New York Times and from people all over the world than I'm getting out of Phoenix right now."

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In a related statement, Councilman Lukkasson comments on the current situation.



  1. The more I see and hear about the outstanding Police Officer, Sgt. Ponce, it causes my respect and admiration to go through the roof for this great citizen and gentleman. He has earned the same level of respect as Mayor Foster and Jennifer in this town crisis. Frankly, Sgt. Ponce would make an outstanding choice for the new Chief of Police. These folks are risking a lot speaking out against the criminals in the current illegal takeover of Quartzsite. The town needs to wake up and legally stop this oppression along with the disregard for the laws before it goes too far. It does not look like help is coming from the Feds, State or County any time soon, if ever. There are many others of high moral character in Quartzsite that are ready and willing to stand up against these thugs and criminals.

    The thugs and criminals, we refer directly to the Chief of Police and his remaining thug police force still on duty, Town Council (all of them, not a good one in the bunch), the Vice Mayor, Town Manager and Asst. Town Manager, the shyster town lawyer and anyone else in this den of criminals. This “Thugocracy” has gone beyond legal and reasonable tolerance by the people. All of us must resist the temptation of a quick solution through vigilantism. Instead, seek all legal means at our disposal.

    It is hard to believe that the Asst. Town Manager is so stupid that he has allowed himself to become a patsy and a sacrificial lamb in this illegal game against the Quartzsite 10. Mr. Johnson, you need to pull your head out of your ass, with a resounding POP! You are being set up big time, stand your ground, resist. Even Alex knows better than to try a criminal stunt like that herself, she does not want to liable. You may think there is a lot of camaraderie and teamwork here, but you will all be tried in a court of law separately. Oh and Alex, she will blame the whole criminal Quartzsite 10 thing on you, patsy.

    Imagine the paranoia of these thugs at this point. Their game has been exposed to the world. The Feds, State and County law enforcement are aware of the evils perpetrated here. They are afraid of every camera that takes a video of their actions. The crimes committed carry healthy prison sentences and fines, not to mention the personal liability each person has for their criminal activities. How much will be left of their personal funds, retirement and future earnings after the lawsuits and legal fees are settled. When they get out of prison, the thoughts of being penniless, homeless and a felon in a town that has no respect for them must be a heavy burden.

    It is suspected that there are cracks already forming in this criminal gang. Some of the people never expected this would go so far and fear for their own criminal charges and the huge legal defense fees they will need to minimize their time in prison. It is easy to see who is ready to talk by their actions. You need to break away now before it is too late. There are opportunities for the first ones that break away to seek some immunity from prosecution and get witness protection for their evidence and testimony. Do not delay; time is getting very short for any plea deals for information. This paragraph is addressed specifically to those ready to talk today on crimes committed: Joe, Alex and Fabiola.

    They must have great difficulty sleeping at night, certainly not from a guilty conscience. What goes through their minds when the dogs in the neighborhood start barking at 2:30 AM?
    Is it a cat or other animal walking around?
    Is it the only cop left on duty that night making a 30 second security check of the residence before driving to the other’s houses?
    Is it a noisy drunk coming home after the bars close?
    Is it a SWAT Team coming to arrest them?
    Is it something else?

    Maybe it is just one of the neighbors taking a walk in the only cool part of the day. Maybe it is just a bad dream, go back to sleep, the sun will be up in a few hours and you can feel less stressed.

    - PsyOps

  2. Excellent post, and a great job helping to providing what needs to be seen by all. Thanks for the docs too!